Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day 30

30 days down, how many to go? it doesn't really matter, now does it? I would keep this up even if the weight loss stopped, I cannot believe how good I feel since I have been doing this. I don't know if it is actually the fact that I am eating better or if its the power of suggestion because I know that I am exercising and eating better. probably a bit of both. I am still having that "getting in all of the calories" problem, the past few days I have had to eat something just so that I was not 500 calories low, which means I am satisfied at 1200-1300 calories.

I made some steamed garlic shrimp with rice pilaf and peas. I will be adding this meal to the menu more often I think. I asked my wife how it came out and her response was "It tastes like something you would buy in a Restaurant" I took that as a thumbs up ;) . later in the day I treated myself to an Anisette cookie and a glass of milk mostly to make up the calories, but partially because I Love Anise cookies! I still came in 150 calories under the allowed intake, even with the milk and cookie.

Exercise feels good, diet feels good, water intake feels good except I felt like I didn't get enough this day. I know I did though so no worries. I have stayed off of the scale, and am anxious to get on tomorrow morning. now I give you the menu.


8:45 AM
1 small banana 105

11:30 AM
2 english muffins 200
2 pats butter 70
3oz sliced tomato 15

2:15 PM
1 can Progresso south western veggie soup 120
1/2 cup white rice 100

6:15 PM
1 cup near east whole grain Rice Pilaf 220
3oz steamed garlic shrimp 90
1 cup canned peas 120
1 Dannon light & fit Cherry Vanilla Yogurt 60

8:00 PM
1 Anisette cookie 85
12oz 1% milk 165

Grand total of 1350 calories for the day, still going strong, I honestly feel that before I started this, that I was eating out of habit. sort of like "oooh theres a bag of chips, it must need eating" and I would eat it. now I eat what I need to live instead of eating what I saw sitting on the counter. I just don't want that stuff. I have also decided that on birthdays, holidays any special occasion really, that I will join in I will just watch what I eat. meaning if its my wifes birthday and we have cake, I am having a piece! I think I have adopted an eat in moderation attitude with my eating. maybe thats why I am not having as hard a time as I thought I would? I don't know, I do know that I am happy that I made the decision to do this. Thanks for reading and check in tomorrow for the "new" official weight!

As Ever


  1. Well, you're going to have to tell me how to make that steamed garlic shrimp! I could probably copy your menu exactly for the day, and my family would be happy!
    Isn't it strange that you are satisfied with 1200-1300 calories per day? I guess I can be satisfied with 800-900 calories a day. Maybe those numbers are a little low (for both of us) but I just can't see how it won't work.
    I know what you mean about eating out of habit. I was the SAME way. That, or I would just eat out of boredom. I liked to bake cookies or brownies when I was bored. Now, I get on the computer instead. Soon, I'll exercise when I'm bored! Won't that be great?!
    Talk about making a 360...
    Since tomorrow is the new official weigh-in, I'm going to avoid all sodium today! I don't know how I'll do that exactly, but I'm going to - because I don't want any retained water to spoil my weigh-in day! ;)
    You're doing great, and your attitude is so positive. It makes my outlook on everything a little more positive each day that I read your blog! We've done this long enough now that it ought to be a new "habit." Don't they say that if you do something for more than 3 weeks it becomes a habit? It's been more than three weeks, so I think we can consider this new way of eating as our "habit." What a good habit to have!
    About birthday parties: I think your way of thinking about special occasions is a very good one. You should join in on those days - but be aware of what you are having. Watch the portions. Try to fit the extra calories into your day or into your week somehow. That's what I'm planning to do, too. I have several birthdays coming up in Feb and March, so I've been thinking about that for a while! I was a little down in the dumps about the fact that I'll be the one making everyone's birthday cakes - and then I won't be able to eat them - but I decided that I can eat a piece of cake! I'll just have a small one! I can fit it into my diet somehow!
    Well, I'm rambling again. Talk to you later.

  2. Isnt there a saying" eat to live, not live to eat?" I was the same way. I would sit down in front of the TV and eat a bag of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. DID YOU KNOW? that 6 little goldfish are a serving. It's something ridiculous like that.
    Robyn said it all- You are on your game here. You are committed 100% and you are a great motivator as well. You should seriously look into a career as a trainer- you have all the attributes to be a success.
    Your enthusiasm and dedication !!!
    Looking forward to tomorrow's weigh in. Have you set up a reward for the month of January?

  3. So here are wify's random comments for the day.

    Speaking of birthdays, your MIL's B-day is this weekend, she wants to know if we can go out tomorrow night to celebrate.

    Speaking of motivation, he's been such a great help with my dieting as well. Though he laughs when I'm at my 1200 and starving while he has to force himself to eat 500 more...he's come up with some great ideas to keep me on track. And the dinners are really what get me through. Since we're not eating tofu and salads every night. Gotta love the italian. They just put garlic on anything and it tastes great. Even our son was loving the shrimp last night.

    I'm just so glad he decided to make this change and it's been for the better for the whole family.