Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 29

Yesterday gone, Tomorrow on the way and Today is here, cookies on the shelf and I don't even want them, well maybe a little ;) another day down . feeling good about just about everything and energy levels are up, I am happy about the 6 lb loss from yesterdays weigh in and looking forward to Friday, I am weighing in again on Friday just to get on the same day as my wife as a weigh in day. I am picking up some 20 lb dumbbells later today so I can add some light arm movements to the exercises each day. its going great and I still find myself wondering what took so long to start.

I did come in under my calories for the day by more than 200 and had to eat a protein bar around 8:30 last night just so I wasn't short 500 calories! the fact that I struggle to get all 1500 calories in each day still amazes me. it is what it is :)

I got in a nice walk yesterday, rode the bike, and all the regular stuff, felt good. My wife wants to start doing Yoga so I will explore that and see if it is something that I can, or want to add to what I am doing. I don't see why not so I will update things as they happen. I will also be adding Lecithin to my intake very soon.

it was sorta a spanish theme for food for the day (not on purpose). I made spanish rice beans for lunch and had hot sauce on my fish and then we had chicken and bean tacos for dinner, everything is well and going strong with no chance of looking back, so onto the menu.


11:15 AM
1 english muffin 100
2oz sliced tomato 10
1 pat butter 35

2:00 PM
3/4 cup white rice 150
1/2 cup pinto beans 80
1 Van De Camp fish fillet 140
1 Dannon light & fit vanilla yogurt 45

3:45 PM
1 Dannon light & fit strawberry/banana yogurt 40

6:00 PM
1/4 cup refried beans 45
3 mission corn taco shells 165
2 oz sliced Tomato 15
1 oz Lettuce 10
2.5 oz of shredded Chicken 150
1 oz of onion 5
2 jalapeno slices 5
2 tbsp of Old El Paso Taco Sauce 10
1 oz of cheese Kraft Free Light Cheddar 50

8:30 PM
1 EAS Advant EDGE protein bar 230

Grand total of 1285 calories
for the day, and I had to eat a high calorie protein bar to make up some more calories last night or else I would be closer to 500 short! I find myself wishing it was warmer outside so I could go for walks every day. I want to eventually start running again and have the idea in my head that I want to run in a 5k race. there is a great park not too far from my house that has all kinds of nature trails and gardens and I cannot wait to go and walk there. there are also Aviary's, play grounds, camp sites and even a bird sanctuary with trails through it, but the park closes for the winter months so I will have to wait for spring for that. again I want to thank all who take the time to read my posts. Thanks!

As Ever


  1. Great to hear continued enthusiasm ! You have such a GREAT attitude. I too ate a EAS bar around the same time to keep from being way under. My bar had 190 calories though. Have you ever tried the Advant Edge protein drinks? I love them. One every morning!!
    I would encourage you to try the yoga. It is so great for improving flexibility and balance. I have ordered the book to go with the DVD I have that goes into more on the modifications for people of size. I think it is important to note that modifications are most likely needed as overweight beginners in yoga. I sue a wall, but you can use a chair, pillows. Whatever can get you in the pose and maintain support and your comfort. Once the book arrives, I'll share additional info.
    And... Yoga is great for relaxation. To quiet the mind, is a blissful thing. I do it with my son(9) and he loves it. It would be fun to share with your daughter- what a gift.
    Keep up the good work- looking forward to Friday for all of us!

  2. Have you mentioned where abouts you are located-- I need to go back and check. We LOVE Mexican food in Texas.
    Actually I don't know if there is anything else to eat??? :)
    That darn stuff is what helped me gain so much weight though. Funny thing is when you go to Mexico and visit with someone there, they don't eat the same stuff that they serve at restaurants.(at least not all at once) You don't see an array of chips and salsa. Guess that is where I went wrong! ha ha

  3. Tony, you're doing so great! I am loving your menus, and I wish I felt more like cooking so I could have some yummy stuff like that. But, for now, I'm satisfied with turkey sandwiches. ;)
    I'm so happy for you that you are thinking of places you'd like to go and things you plan to do for exercise! That's good thinking!
    About the Mexican food: we love it, too. We prefer the "Tex-Mex" like Holly is referring to better than the "authentic" stuff you get in Mexico. The cheesier and the spicier, the better!

  4. Sandy,
    I am trying to not drink my calories, even though I am running low, I will have a cup of milk sometimes to catch up. the bar was just to try it really, I will likely stay away from them for the most part

    I am in CT atm, born and raised here but we did live in Los Angeles for about 8 years, honestly the "real" Mexican food didn't really impress me, dunno lol

    Thanks! I love that I can cook all my meals, it helps a lot to keep what I want in there, in there. tonight I made some fresh steamed Garlic shrimp with long grain rice and peas, and a Yogurt for desert. it was very good and not a lot of calories!

    Thank you all for your comments, keep em coming, I enjoy reading them!

    As Ever