Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I was feeling good and it is a bit warmer than it has been here today so I decided to go on a walk about. I just walked around the neighborhood for 30 minutes with my daughter, I smartened up and brought a ball that we played with as we walked. it was a nice walk. then a bike ride was in order along with the normal calisthenics that I have been doing so a good day exercise wise! and so far my Lunch and small breakfast was great so all in all a good day.

a sketch from the TV series Heroes, I just wanted to make the post more interesting as this is one of my favorite TV shows. I have many of the paintings that Issac painted in the series.

As Ever

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  1. Good job getting outside! It was nice earlier in the day. I had to wear sunglasses it was so bright on my walk. It felt so good to be outside, without the bitter cold stinging my face.
    Hope to get that walk in regularly.
    We are also big fans of Hero's. When is it back on? Too many commercials though......
    Thanks for the idea of moving weigh in til Friday.... We all jumped on it, didn't we??? lol
    Will catch up with you tomorrow.