Thursday, January 24, 2008

Say hello to Dad

I have a strong feeling that my Father found this blog, so much for anonymity. lol. so say ello ello to Dad, the worse part? I inadvertently had him search something on the web and I am 99.99999% sure he saw the link when he searched so, don't think you're that smart old man!

I just thought I would post this here (mostly just to let him know that I know he found it! lol) That is all..please tune in at the regularly scheduled time for the next episode of "as the world turns" ;)

As Ever


  1. Hi Tony's dad!! You should be very proud of your son! He is very respected around these parts! A great role model. Sandy

  2. Have you posted a self-portrait? Are you an artist??

  3. Robyn,
    that picture is a doodle that a friend of mine did one day while we were bored at work. it is suppose to be me lol some people say its accurate, and I have liked the drawing since he did it so I figured since I didn't have a self pic up (thinking about posting one) that I would put that up there for fun :)

    As ever

  4. Ah ha. I see! You don't really look that mean, do you?! ;) I imagine you much more teddy-bear-like! :)
    My littlest daughter saw that picture and said, "That wooks wike Daddy!" I thought it was funny, becuase my husband has never had any facial hair (he only wishes he could grow any that would look decent...) and so I guess she just thought that since her daddy is bald-headed that it looked like him. Aren't kids so cute and funny?! Mine is! :)