Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 24

Another Thursday down, and closing in on 1 month at this. I will take a new photo on Sunday, when I started this I took some before photos and plan on taking a couple pictures per month on the last Sunday of each month to compare them. I did take a couple pictures at the 2 week mark but I am curious to see if theres a difference in one month, being a big fella I don't expect to see too much of a change if any at all but its still fun to have the comparison.

I wasn't feeling too hot Thursday (sore throat and the start of a cough, my wife is getting over the exact same thing, Thanks Hon! lol) so I did not ride the bike or any exercise at all for that matter. I woke up today (Friday) and can feel something in my chest, have a slight cough and no voice! I bet she will be happy about that last part ;). so in short I will be skipping the bike again today, which annoys me lol. a month ago it would have annoyed me to have to ride it! now I am annoyed that I can't. who wouldda thunk?

Speaking of pictures, I thought I would post up a picture of me. its a couple years old (maybe from late 2003 to maybe 2004 somewhere in there) I would guess me in the mid 400's in the picture

Me and a couple buddies, Las Vegas Riviera, I had this on my hard drive so I thought I would share. I am the fella in the center, I would guess me at mid 400lbs give or take in this photo click for full sized pic.

Onto the menu...


10:00 AM
2 cups bran cereal 180
1 cup 1% milk 110

12:30 PM
1 can lite Progresso soup 120
7.5 Ritz crackers 120
1 apple 75

4:00 PM
1 quaker rice cake 60

6:30 PM
4 oz of Turkey 120
3 slices of whole wheat bread 210
1.5 tbsp of Miracle whip 55
6 oz baby carrots 80
1 tbsp lite cesar dressing 45

8:30 PM
1 apple 75
2 tbsp peanut butter 190

Grand total of 1440 calories for the day, I am still having a time getting in all 1500 calories every day, the apple and peanut butter was only to make the calories, I didn't want it. I hope this cold or whatever it is passes fast so I can get back o n the bike. as always i want to thank you for following me.

As Ever


  1. You carry your weight very well. I would never guess you weighed that in the photo. Keep up the great work. I am not brave enough to post a pic yet. Maybe one day. Dont worry about the exercise. Your body is in need of rest and you are listening to it. Good for you.
    Tony, do you track at all the % of protein/carbs, and fats? I am trying to see if there is any correlation with the ratio between them? Just curious. My calorie counting website does it for me, and I am always carbs highest, then protein/fat are close to one another. Let me know.

  2. I agree with Sandy! You do carry your weight well. You must have a very heavy frame - plus lots of heavy muscle!
    I'm so glad you posted a picture, because now I can imagine you better. Of course, now when I imagine you, I'll imagine you with your hand on a bronze-colored butt. LOL!
    I did so bad yesterday, that I'm almost too ashamed to post what I had. I went over my calories - and knew it. I did it anyway. Ugh. I am back on track today, so I'm going to try to just forget about yesterday. I haven't thought it was hard to stay under 1000 calories, but yesterday it seemed impossible! And, in fact I guess it was. I weighed myself this morning, just to see what affect it had on me, and I gained a pound and a half since yesterday morning!!!!! Totally my own fault. I'm pretty disappointed in myself, but I'm going to make myself proud today, and this weekend, too.
    Talk to you later.

  3. Thanks for the comments, and the compliments ;) "carry your weight very well" I am afraid not as well as I would like! I am much heavier now than I was in that picture, lets just say the gut has won the last few battles lol.

    I don't track percentages as much as just try and get a balanced meal in every time. I am trying to eat more veggies/fruits than normal and like I said just try and get in a veggie/starch/protein in at each meal. which doesn't always happen but I try my best.

    I don't think its bad to go over every now and then, I wouldn't beat myself up over it but rather just remain aware that it happened and try not to make it the norm. so were all doing good I think.

    Bronze butts for everyone!

    As Ever

  4. That is just awful about getting sick now when you are at such a good place in your exercise and eating habits! I hope you and your family get better. (Its a good thing you like soup.)

    oh and I too took before pics!! I am thinking about taking another one at the end of the month also to track the progression. I am to embarrassed to post them right now! I also plan on taking them in the same exact outfit every time.

  5. Great idea, Holly! A friend of mine suggested we take before and after pics in a swimsuit or our undies - just for our own viewing of course. But, I like your idea of wearing the exact same outfit in each picture! 50 pounds from now, my jeans out to fall off of me! That will be fun. I'm going to do that!!
    Thanks for the idea!

  6. Hi! I found your blog from 3 fat chicks on a diet. You are doing SO great on your diet! I have actually took a few of your meals and made them my own! lol I just started my diet on January 1st with calorie counting.

    I agree with everyone else, you really do carry your weight well! You don't look your weight in that picture at all! You must have large bones. Your height is a great thing for you too!

    I hope you are feeling better from your cold. It is flu season. I dread it. I look forward to reading all of your updates. I can't wait for your weigh in! I am excited for you! You have been doing so well. Keep up the fantastic work!

  7. Holly and Dawn, I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to read a little and leave a comment!

    I am glad you are finding some ideas for meals on my blog, helping other people with their program is always a good thing and I am glad I could help ;) its part of the reason I decided to blog.