Monday, January 28, 2008

Exercise hath returnith.

By 9:15 am I had ridden the bike for 15 mins, done 30 push ups, a stretch routine and some crunches. all while my daughter cheered me on lol. Clifford and Word why was the back ground sounds for the days exercise as this is my daughters time lol and those are her favorite cartoons. I plan on riding again when she naps this afternoon, but nothing is written in stone :) I stayed off of the scale this morning as my "official weigh in day" is tomorrow, I hope to see a good number for what was lost for the week. I am sure that I will be on here posting the loss/gain 2 minutes after I weigh in tomorrow lol, off to a good start today it seems and I am in a good mood because I don't feel any of that cold or w/e it was that I had for the past few days, so it would seem I beat it :)

As Ever


  1. Cliffor the Big Red Dog. We like him, too.
    How great of you to resume the exercise, just like you said you would! That shows determination! You are on a one-way street, and you aren't ever coming back!! :)
    Keep up the great work. You inspire all of us to keep going and going and going.
    I look forward to checking back in tomorrow after the "weigh in!" I'm a little nervous about mine...