Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Day 9

So there was this guy who decided to eat better, get into shape and drop down to a reasonable weight. Half expecting to make it a few days and give up like every other time, and here we are on day 9 and actually doing very well. in addition to the bike on Saturday I have a 550lb scale on the way. I am a bit worried that I will be too much for the scale, either way its ordered and on the way and if I am too much for it then a goal will be to not be too much for it to handle and I find one not in my home to weigh in on once per month or something along those lines.

This is a picture of the scale that was ordered, it is a My weigh 550xl model, it is digital has a 550 lb weight limit as well as it will say your weight if thats something you would like. these scales come with a 30 year Warranty full replace or fix, and are made in the USA. Thats not bad for a scale that I am paying $61.00 for. I can't wait for it to get here and maybe have a clue as to my actual weight.

Here is the menu for the the 9th.



9:15 AM 1.5 cups Bran cereal 180
1 cup 2% milk 130

1:15 PM
3 hebrew national hotdogs 135
3/4 cup cooked rice 150
1 pat butter 35
big glass of crystal light 10

6:30 PM I made home made chicken soup 2 weeks ago and we froze a container of it and we decided to have that for dinner tonight. I am not sure of the calories in it so I looked up a few recipes and rated mine at 250 Calories per cup, which is probably high but I would rather guess high than low. I will list the recipe here as its a pretty good one.
2 cups soup 500
3/4 cup rice 150
1 glass of Crystal light 5

7:45 PM 1 dill pickle 5

Grand total of 1300 Calories for the day, its a little under but I was not hungry and feel that I ate good hearty, healthy foods for today (for the most part) and feel good tonight. I didn't go for a walk today as it was very windy and there was a mist in the air, not quite rain but wet yuck.

As Ever