Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day 7

One more day gone, I am feeling a bit frustrated if I am being honest. but not at the low amount of calories, I am finding it a bit hard to get in all 1500 calories unless we have a high cal dinner or something. I had to make myself a salad tonight and use regular dressing on it to get in all of the calories and I still came up slightly short of the 1500 mark. Still learning and I am noticing a huge curve! over all still feeling good except when I drank my first glass of water this morning I got a stomach ache for about 30 mins, it did go away. I have began a 15 min stretching routine before my push ups etc, and I am picking up a stationary bike on Saturday. I think once I have the bike things will start coming together nicely as I start riding each day. below is a pic of the bike I am getting, and now onto the menu for today.


9:15 AM
2 light english muffins 180
2oz sliced tomato 10
1 tbsp Miracle whip 35

12:15 PM 1 apple 70

1:40 PM
3 hebrew national hotdogs 135
2 slices white bread 140
1 serving spicy mustard 5

3:00 PM
2 cups air popped popcorn 20
1 shake popcorn seasoning 5

6:15 PM
2 fish fillets (Van D camp) 280
3/4 cups cooked rice 150
1 cup canned peas and carrots 120
1 pat butter 35
1 tbsp ketchup 15

8:30 PM
3 tbsp french dressing 135
12 crutons 60
6 oz lettuce 29
4 oz tomato 22
2oz cucumber 8

Grand total 1454 Calories for today and all is well for the most part. I just wanted to thank those that took the time to leave me a comment or email me some feedback, it is much appreciated and I do consider everything recommended to me.

Until next we meet.

As Ever


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I have read your posts, and have enjoyed reading them! Like you, I am also counting calories, and finding it hard to get all of them in! It is like when I started all of this (on Jan. 1st - just like you!) I just decided to start viewing food as a feul for my body, and not something that I do for fun. So, I know that I need a certain number of calories per day, but I can't help but think about how if I have less than that, I'll surely lose weight quicker, right?! I know that isn't right, though. I planning on only having a turkey sandwich for lunch today and skipping the rest - but I know that I would not get NEARLY enough calories for my body to be "fueled" up correctly. Anyway, except for being female, I think you and I have a lot in common. I did not know what I weighted until I weighed myself 3 nights ago, the first time to do so in over 4 years. It wasn't quite as horrible as I had imagined. I have about 50 pounds to lose. I have been searching the web for a place to keep up with my "journey to the new me," but haven't really found anywhere that is too simple. I think I'll try to figure out how you have created your "Chronicles of one mans trip to the half" and do something similar. It sounds like you and I have similar tastes in food, so I will continue reading your posts! Looks like you are doing really well, and so keep it up!! Get a scale, so you can track your progress. I bet you don't weigh as much as you fear that you weigh. That was my experience at least. I figured I weighed at least 30 pounds more than I found out that I actually weigh. That means that I thought I probably had 80 pounds to lose, but I realized after I weighed myself that I only have 50 to lose, which I know I can do!! Anyway, keep it up, and know that I will be right there with you!!

  2. Thank you for your comment! I appreciate you taking the time to leave one. if you get your blog set up please post it so that I can follow you as well, I will take all the support and reading material I can get :). if you get a blog set up I would gladly link to it off of my blog and you can link mine if you like as well. again Thanks for reading.

    As Ever

  3. I got a blog set up! I am excited about getting it going. I give you all the credit for the idea, since I have never even thought of it before I saw your blog! I am such a copycat! Anyway, the address is: www.robyn479.blogspot.com
    I think that is right. I think I may have gone a little crazy with the typing, so wouldn't expect anyone to read the whole thing, but if you want to know my little story, feel free to check it out!

  4. AWWWW, look. Our first conversation. ;)

    Dang...look how far you've come since then! And...me, too! :) Pretty cool. Whodathunkit?