Monday, January 21, 2008

Green tea and my Guitar

I just thought I would make a post with some of the Green tea choices out there and the 3 that I use. I have been drinking green tea for about 5 years now, but not for its benefits more so for the taste, I recently added green tea to my new lifestyle for its benefits vs its taste. BUT that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy it, and what I have found is that not all green tea tastes the same or good. the first of the teas that I use is whats called "Gunpowder tea" and is basically just dried green tea leaves, I have a jar that came from china via a friend of mine that I use to work with, she brought it back for me. to me it has a light taste and no tartness at all, and I drink it with nothing more than the leaves, drop 1/2 tspn (approximately) into a cup of hot water and in about 15 mins time the leaves hydrate and open up and you have a nice cup of tea.

This is how the "Gunpowder tea " comes packaged and below is how it looks after it hydrates

I also use Green tea in a traditional a teabag like any old Lipton tea would come packaged, which is the easiest to make just pop a cup of water in the microwave with a bag in it and you have tea in a few minutes. I find that the tea in the bags is a little bit tart compared to the gunpowder tea, but as it is the most convenient and fast to make its what I usually have unless I am just relaxing and don't care that it takes a bit more time to make. I do use a small amount of white sugar in the bagged tea. The tea I have was bought at a Chinese grocery store in Bridgeport CT, I won't bore you with a picture, we all know what a teabag looks like ;)

The third kind is something my wife found while out looking around, Arizona tea makes a diet green tea with Honey and Ginseng, the label says 0 calories and this stuff is good! I am still researching this Arizona tea to make sure it is just the tea, honey and it says sweetened with splenda, everything I have found says its the real deal as far as being brewed tea so far. so it will be on the menu until I find something saying otherwise.

The Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea is particularly rich in a type of polyphenols called catechins, which studies say helps the body burn fat.

Green tea has been proven to reduce cholesterol levels, as well as triglycerides. It can even prove beneficial for those who wish to increase their HDL ("good") cholesterol levels.

A boost in the immune system, as well as weight loss, has been seen in those who drink green tea on regular basis.

Green tea also provides anti-cancer agents that can also be found in black tea.

When dieting, some of the benefits of drinking green tea can be seen through the high concentration of antioxidants that can be found.

Reports have found that green tea possesses 50 times more strength than Vitamin E and C.

Studies have also shown that the benefits of green tea for dieting are visible when drinking one cup every day for one year. A loss of five pounds is one of the advantages to making this a habit.

I just thought I would post this information up because I have been reading and maybe someone else who may not have tried green tea could use the info and or opinions on brands etc. that and my daughter took a chunk off of the head on my guitar by knocking it off of its stand tonight, and I had to get it out of my mind, I just hope she didn't damage the way it sounds. so far it looks like its ok (other than the chunk missing) but I will likely get it checked out anyways.

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  1. Sorry to hear of the guitar accident- but thanks for the green tea education. I have been drinking ginger tea. Very good for digestion.
    Keep the interesting stuff coming. Your blog is a joy to read!

  2. So funny that you have started drinking tea a lot more lately. My husband has, too! Like in the past week or two, he's had a cup of hot tea at least every night. He says it is relaxing to drink it. As for me? I'm not a fan of hot tea. I like it ICED. I've heard, though, that us Southerners are the only ones that drink Iced Tea. I had a friend travel up to NY, and stayed there for several months. When she got back, she said she couldn't wait to go to the nearest restaurant to get some iced tea, because they didn't have it anywhere in NY. That was so strange to me, since I've been having iced tea since infancy, probably!!
    I remember picking mint leaves from my neighbor's garden when I was a little kid to put into our iced tea. Boy, that was good.
    I'm going to have to check to see if my iced tea bags contain green tea or black tea. I use Lipton, but I'm not sure if it's the same kind as you've been having...
    Thanks for the info. I've always heard that tea is good for you.
    Sorry about that guitar accident.

  3. No iced tea in NYC?!? no way! where were ya lookin :) lol I was born and raised in southern CT/NYC area and have always had iced tea :). that Arizona tea is iced tea.

    My scale should be here today! and thanks for the comments as always ladies.

    As Ever

  4. I found the green tea w/ ginseng/honey, but not diet. At 70 cals a serving, I need to find the diet stuff.....
    tastes great tho.