Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wonderboy & Young nasty man

Exercise for the day went well, so well that I did 20 minutes on the bike, but only 2 sets of 10 for the push ups, and squats was 2 sets of 15. The music for the day was a mix that I just went through the music library and made a play list, I will keep this post relatively short, so heres the list.

1. The White Stripes ~ Icky Thump
2. Tone Loc ~ Funky cold medina
3. Black train Jack ~ Guy like me
4. Black train Jack ~ The joker
5. Tenacious D ~ Wonderboy
6. Tenacious D ~ Tribute
7. Rollins Band ~ Blues Jam
8. Rollins Band ~ Just like You

As Ever


  1. Thats some pretty serious music choices there Botzz. Head bangin' loud stuff!
    Whatever keeps you moving. Good for you!

  2. Rock on, Zeusmeatball! Hehe. Hey, I DO know all of the words to Funky Cold Medina! My favorite memory of that song was one year when someone got a karaoke machine for Christmas, and my brother surprised everyone by performing Funky Cold Medina in front of the whole family on Christmas day. It was SO funny, because he is NOT the type to do that sort of thing. I am, though - - I think I sang something CHEESY like, "I Just Called to Say I Love You." I'm sure everyone really enjoyed that...