Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day 28 the weigh in Hath Cometh!

Another one down 500 days or so more to go lol. I went over by 13 calories so I am at 1513 for the day, for that I am annoyed lol, the night before weigh in and I go over by 13 calories! and the bran cereal at the end of the day that put me over was just to help me lose a little something that has not happened in, 2 days, lets call it a "Movement" :( , otherwise all is well and the change rolls on.

I did get on the scale this morning and it said that I have lost 6 pounds, I am now 506 lbs, I will take it! lol I am somehow not as happy as I should be though, I guess I was expecting more, which sounds crazy to me. 6lbs in a week is a great number, I guess its that "biggest loser" thing, where they are dropping huge amounts each week and I guess I just thought it would be more. don't get me wrong, I am ecstatic about a 6lb loss! was just expecting a little more. perhaps it was wishful thinking ;) . my wife weighs herself on Fridays, I am going to weigh in on Friday with her this week just to see if theres a difference in 1/2 a week. I may even change my official weigh in day to Friday just so its on the same day as my wife.... 6lbs! woohoo lol

onto the menu..


8:30 AM
2 english muffins 200
2 pats butter 70
3oz sliced tomatoes 15
large glass green tea 0

11:45 AM
1 small lite blackberry yogurt 45

1:30 PM
1 boiled egg 70
2 slices pumpernickle bread 140
1 tbsp Miracle whip 35
3oz chicken breast 165
1/2 dill pickle 5

3:30 PM
1 orange 65

5:45 PM
2 van de camp fish fillets 280
3/4 cup cooked white rice 150
7 brussel sprouts 50
large glass of crystal light 20
franks hot sauce 0
3 1/4 inch pieces of shoestring french fries 3

8:30 PM
1 cup bran cereal w/1cup 1% milk 200

This 1983 GSX 750ES weighs 506 lbs as well.

Grand total of 1513 calories for the day, and a grand total of 6 lbs lost for the week, I am happy with that over all and hope to have another good week. I just gotsta keep on keepin on and eventually it will all be gone! Thanks for following along with me! Until next time! which will be this afternoon hehe.

As Ever


  1. 6 LBS- Thats great.I know where you are coming from wanting more- as I am procrastinating the weigh in. If you think about it, 6 lbs= 18,000 calories- Thats a lot of food, right? So that is awesome. You had some down days from exercise( when you werent feeling 100%)- It's a process, and you are learning what works best. Keep up the good work, and I'm tempted to change my weigh in day to Friday, and skip today altogether. lol
    I'm proud of you!

  2. Yes, I think I'm skipping today, too. I think I'll change mine to Friday as well. :)
    Aren't we funny?!
    6 pounds is great. And yes, that "Biggest Loser" show somehow makes us expect to lose 12 pounds a week or something...
    But of course we remember that we're in the real world, and they're at "Biggest Loser" camp. So, 6 pounds in the real world is AWESOME!! I know I haven't lost as much as I was hoping this week. That's why I'm going to put off my weigh in day to Friday. That will make me "be good" all week, and try my hardest to exercise every day.
    Great job this week!! Keep up the great work, and going over 13 calories is OKAY!

  3. Did you just quote Tyrone? Where's the picture of the tiger? I like the bike. I like Sandy's way of thinking, 18,000 Calories! Whoa babe. Ok, I'm all over the place. Good bye for now.