Saturday, January 5, 2008

Day 4

Another day gone and still doing good. today was fairly easy as far as this diet goes, I was not really hungry all day except right before lunch and it passed quickly as soon as I ate. I made a couple minor changes which were listed in the last post, basically miracle whip in place of Mayo and coffee mate in place of 2% milk in my coffee. I will keep this post short as its about 1am and I am heading off to bed. here it is.


9:00am I had a large cup of coffee with 3 teaspoons of sugar 25x3 cals and 3 tspn coffee mate 10x3 cals

Sugar 75 Cal
Coffee mate 30 Cal

9:55am I decided I would make some egg salad and make a sandwich, 2 slices of bread, 1 boiled egg and 1 tablespoon of Miracle whip was what it consisted of.

Bread 140 Cal
Boiled egg 70 Cal
Miracle whip 35 Cal

2:00pm I made another egg salad sandwich for lunch exactly like the breakfast one, 2 cups air popped popcorn with1 shake of popcorn flavoring.

Bread 140 Cal
Boiled egg 70 Cal
Miracle whip 35 Cal
Popcorn 40 Cal
Flavoring less than 5 Cal

6:15pm dinner was quite filling and I had 1 6oz piece of roast chicken, 1 cup corn, 3/4 cup cooked rice with 1/2 pat of butter on the rice.

Chicken 330 Cal
Corn 120 Cal
Rice 150 Cal
Butter 20 Cal

Grand total of 1260 Calories for day 4, tomorrow is the first weekend day that I will be on this thing so we will see how that goes, I am going to up the intake to 1500 for Sat and Sun and back to 1300 on Mon. Steak is on the menu for tomorrow nights dinner and I am worried about the portions a little bit, the steaks were bought before I started this and I figure its better we get rid of them sooner than later and since I am upping the calories for the weekend days this is a good opportunity to get them out of the fridge. Thats 4954 calories in 4 days time, I would be willing to bet I was not eating much less than that per day on average before I started this thing, which may be exaggerated but not as much as you might think.

Something else I wanted to add is that I do not know my current weight, it is a lot I do know that, I will get a scale and when I know the number I will post it.

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  1. I recommend highly cutting out starchy foods. Corn, potatoes, white rice and white bread are not the friends of a weight loss dieter. I have had Gastric Bypass and have lost 102 pounds in 6 1/2 months. I focus on protein intake. Gentlemen should have no fewer than 80g of protein per day. When you feed the muscles, then they will burn fat even while you are resting. This helps increase metabolism. Also, I recommend switching to a non-fat creamer and sugar substitute like Splenda because raising your blood sugar (with pasta, white bread, corn, etc. or sugar) causes cravings and hunger. The dietician recommended that I eat a meal consisting of 1/2 lean protein, 1/4 dark vegetables (darker have more nutrients) and 1/4 fruit (darker is better here, too). I do use brown rice and whole grain bread from a good bakery. You'll find you'll enjoy a good hearty bread if it's fresh from a bakery instead of wrapped in plastic. I wish you the best!