Monday, January 21, 2008

Day 20

Another week has come to an end and the journey goes well. something I noticed lately is on the News in the morning (my morning ritual) they are showing lots and lots of weight loss stuff, I mentioned this to my wife a week of so ago and she thought that maybe because its the beginning of the year. I think its going to be the new trend, the new smoking if you will. media hypes it all up and before you know it the world has obesity on the top rung and somewhere someone is making a killing off of it. bah media...I won't go too much more into that or else you fine people that care to follow me will be reading for an hour and a half here ;)

I got the calorie thing down pretty good now, I have been hitting very close to the 1500 mark lately. dinner went well with my father in law, he had a few questions as to how we were doing and what exactly we were doing as far as this change goes, over all seemed supportive and happy that we have decided to go this route.

The 15 degree weather has not let up here in good old New England so I have not gone on a walk about in a while. I skipped the bike all weekend as well, today I will ride again when the baby takes her nap, and the push ups are daily no matter what. I will also start in on some meditation tomorrow, the wife and my son are home today due to the holiday so it would be counter productive to start today. I blabbed enough so lets get onto that menu for the day.


12:00 PM
1/2 cup refried beans (3 tacos) 90
3 small mission white tortillas 165
1oz Kraft lite cheddar cheese 50
2 oz tomato 10
1oz lettuce 5
2tblsp All Natural Salsa 10
crystal light 5

4:00 PM
2 slices Beefsteak light Rye Bread 80
2 hebrew national hotdogs 90

6:30 PM
3oz pork 200
1 cup cooked white rice 200
1 cup green beans 40
lite cesar dressing 135
small green salad 50
1 pat butter 35
large glass crystal light 30

9:00 PM
16oz green tea 2 tbsp sugar 100

11:00 PM
5 cups air popped popcorn 100
2 pats butter 70
glass crystal light 20

Grand total of 1485 calories for the day, waking up later on the weekends is making my dinner larger on the weekends because I get a late start. I did use some sugar in my green tea last night to make up a few calories (probably not a good idea but hey) and we watched Resident Evil 2 last night, I had a good sized bowl of popcorn with butter on it (more making up calories) the movie was as good as the first movie so if you like the series you may like this one, nothing great though. I am still anticipating that scales arrival and I am unsure if there is mail delivery today because of the holiday, if there is....I will have it today, if not, tomorrow.

Just like always, I thank you for reading and following along with me. Thanks

As Ever


  1. Hey Tony- another week behind you. Good for you, and the family. I think wify may have a point about the press. With New Years resolutions, marketing targets the overweight folks. The gyms are full, and everyone is gun ho for a month or two. It's the same every year. WE, you Robyn, myself, your wife have made a conscious effort to adhere to a lifestyle change. Not a fad, once a year for a couple of moths thing. I think , and I would hope you agree, that we are in it this time for the right reasons. It's not all for the looks, it's for our health, it's for our and our children's futures. I have stopped researching stuff, cause I get sucked it to it. I think we are all doing what is proven to work. I think it cant be rushed, and in time we will all see results. Would it be awesome to drop like they do on Biggest Loser- yes, but at a price. They are separated from their families, worked to near death by their trainers. We tend to be a society who wants instant results, no patience. We will do it the right way, and when we are successful, we will write a book, and make millions!! lol
    Have a GREAT day!

  2. I try not to watch the news all together. I hear all the important stuff from my husband or my dad. They keep me informed. I can't stand the news media. It's all about the money. All about it.

    I know that I am definitely not participating in the "weight loss fad" that is so cliche this time of the year (every year). I am honestly in this for the long run. It just so happened that I started it at the beginning of the year. We are in this for the LONG HAUL! As long as it takes, and longer.

    A book. Yeah, we can write a book. I'll include some horror stories about my mother-in-law, and surely that will sell!! LOL.

    You did really good yesterday! Looks like you and I were probably having popcorn at about the same time last night!! Hahaha!

    Way to go on sticking with your calories so well! Isn't it so much fun to realize that you've had everything you want, and still manage to stay under your limit?! I love that. It makes me so proud! I'll get to go back to the doctor, and tell him with ALL honesty, that I DID not go over my 1000 calories ever. I will have to admit that I have not exercised much (up until Jan. 20th, cause now I have no more excuses!!).
    I think I am losing weight. I'm going to drink a LOT of water today, and I'm going to weigh myself in the morning. (TIP: anytime I've had lots of water the previous day, I weigh a pound or two less than normal!! So, I will always have tons of water the day before weigh-in day. I guess it flushes out retained water! Oh well. It works for me!)

  3. Thanks for the comments! hmmmm a book...I have some stuff already written, thats a good Idea! lol

    Robyn I try and drink too much water per day, and its gotten even harder since I started drinking the green tea daily. My wife came home with Arizona diet Green tea that is pretty good! so I may start drinking that like with dinner or w/e in place of some of the crystal light.

    As Ever