Friday, January 4, 2008

Day 3

Day 3 started off good, I did feel hungry again when I woke up so I drank a glass of water, I try not to eat breakfast until after 9:00am just to keep it closer to lunch and make that gap smaller. everything seems good so far, I know its early in this trip but I expected to crave something by now if only because of the mental aspect of this.

I did start getting hungry around noon but held off until a little later to eat lunch which I thought to myself about how small of a lunch it was going to be, as we were planning on a bigger dinner (which didn't happen as the chicken had not thawed yet) so it looks like chicken tonight! (which is actually day 4 because I write in this blog the day after the day I am writing about when I wake up) .

Also I know I have only been doing this for 3 recorded days and a few days of just major cutting back before I started recording and counting exact numbers, but I have a huge case of cotton mouth! I wake up with my mouth all dried out! I am keeping a gallon of water next to the bed so that I can take a drink if need be. over all everything seems good and I am not having difficulty eating what I am eating thus far, so onto the Menu for Day 3!


9:30am started again with a large cup of coffee with 3 teaspoons sugar and a splash of 2% milk 1 3oz slice of banana bread.

30 Cal
Sugar 75 Cal
Banana bread 240 Cal

1:50pm for lunch I ate 1 fish fillet and 3/4 cup of cooked rice and a dill pickle on the side I thought it was not going to fill me up but it did its job just fine.

Fish fillet 140 Cal
Rice 150 Cal
Butter 20 Cal
Pickle 0 Cal

7:15pm For dinner I had 1 fish fillet, 3/4 cup cooked rice with half a pat of butter and made a salad which consisted of 8oz iceberg lettuce, 1 4oz tomato, 3 oz cut skinned cucumber, 3 tablespoons lite italian dressing and 12 crutons.

Fish fillet 140 Cal
Rice 150 Cal
Butter 20 Cal
Lettuce 38 Cal
Tomato 22 Cal
Cucumber 12 Cal
Dressing 22 Cal
Crutons 60 Cal

8:51pm As a snack I had 1 7oZ pear

Pear 120 Cal

Grand total of 1239 Calories for day 3 and feeling good, I can't say that I did much in the way of exercise other than play with my 2 year old all day. It has been low teens into single digit weather the past few days with it dipping 10 or so below with the wind chill factor says the guy in the plastic box, so there is no way I am bringing the baby out for a walk in that so I will have wait until warmer weather for walks.