Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Day 8

Eight days gone and still going without a hiccup, It was a beautiful 60 degrees outside slight breeze and the sun was out, so I decided to take a walk with my daughter. we walked for 20 minutes me carrying her for about half the trip :) . I am finding that the food is a little more expensive being on this type of diet, we go shopping more often and buying better food for the most part but I am also finding that we seem to have a lot more left over so it evens out, and we save everything because a lot of the portions are small so saving that last bit of something makes sense now. onto the menu.


8:00 AM
Coffee 0
3 tspn sugar 75
3 tspn coffee mate 30

10:30 AM
2 slices wheat bread 120
1 boiled egg (egg salad) 70
1 tbsp Miracle whip 35

1:10 p m
2 hebrew national hotdogs 90
1.5 cups cooked rice 300
2 pats butter 70
glass of crystal light 5

3:30 PM
1 apple 70

5:45 PM I decided I would make some easy Macaroni salad which consisted of.
1.5 cups elbo pasta 330
1 can tuna 150
2 tbsp Miracle whip 70
2 oz cucumber 8
3 oz sliced tomato 17
1 glass crystal light 5

Grand total of 1445 Calories for the day
, doing good so far, I really do think I need to get a scale so that I know exactly what I weigh, more for the psychological advantage that I would get by having that number go down (or up). I found a scale that goes to 550 lbs that I think will do nicely, my only fear is that I am too heavy for it and I believe I am right around that weight, I could be totally off on that estimate, or I could be under, I don't know at this point.

As Ever

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  1. Sounds like you did do good today! The weather here is very nice, also. I think I'll take my little one out, too.
    Hey, I just wanted to tell you about some wheat bread that has 40 calories per slice and is really good. I don't know if you would be interested in that, though, since you are trying to reach the 1500 mark with the calories. Anyway, you could always use those extra calories and eat something else with your sandwich! The bread Wonder LIGHT Wheat. It is really good, too. I think the slices of bread themselves may be a tad bit smaller than a regular slice of bread and that may be what makes the difference in the calories. But, that's what I bought yesterday and I will probably keep buying it in the future.