Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day 27

Dinner at Mom in laws..went great, she served thick pork chops with a pepper and garlic rub on them, lemon pepper sword fish steaks, brussel sprouts, sweet carrots, curry rice, tiny red potatoes chopped up and baked with some sort of garlic flavor on it, and a great mixed green salad. I finished off the meal with a cup of green tea and some chopped up watermelon, a good time was had by all, and I came in under calories for the day so I am happy. it appears that she likes these Sunday dinners that she has been inviting us to and she is extremely cooperative and understanding with the limitations that we have as far as cooking the meals go. she asks if its ok to use butter, oil, or whatever she may be using before she actually cooks it, and everything is good usually.

I drank plenty of water and Green tea today, had 2 glasses of crystal light as well, but I am trying to limit the CL and get more pure water and green tea. No exercise today, I figured I would give my body one more day of rest before I got back on the bike etc, I plan on hitting the bike hard tomorrow though maybe I will ride it twice, once at my normal ride time and once after my kids go to bed for the night, we shall see.

My body is changing, if not in appearance (I can't tell anything yet visually, wife says she can see it) in the way that I can feel my muscles again, I am aware of them and can move them all independently of each other again, that may not make sense but its the only way I can describe it. The only Visual feature I can definitely see is my calves, they have always been large from the lifting weights as well as the carrying all of this around all the time, more the latter I believe, BUT I have definition in my calves again. I am not saying they are ripped, but you can see each individual muscle again and I am diggin on that lol.

This post is turning into an epic post so I will get to the best part which is the menu! and todays menu was outstanding from breakfast right through dinner, everything was good and filling and tasted great. heres to changing things up! the omelet! man that omelet!


10:00 AM
1 whole egg 70
4 egg whites 65
2oz sliced tomato 10
1oz Kraft lite cheddar cheese 50
1 pat butter 35
1oz chopped onion 5
1 dill pickle 10

1:30 PM
1 can Progresso chicken herb dumpling soup 200
1 english muffin 100
1 pat butter 35
1oz sliced tomato 10
crystal light 10

6:30 PM
4oz broiled pork chop 240
1/2oz sword fish 20
3/4 cup curry rice 165
small green salad 30
3 tbsp lite Cesar dressing 135
4oz baked red potatoes 100
5oz brussel sprouts 50
6oz watermelon 52
12oz green tea w/sugar in the raw 1 pckt 20

9:30 PM
small lite yogurt 45

Grand total of 1457 calories for the day,
and I enjoyed every bite today! the omelet my wife made me was great and the entire breakfast including the pickle was only 245 calories! I will be making that again. I cannot feel like I am on a diet when I eat like I did today and all within my 1500 alloted calories. How could I have not done this sooner?!? I feel like I am eating better than I have in years AND I am dropping pounds! as you can see i am happy with how this whole change is turning out for me so far, I still want to see how a whole month goes knowing my weight and seeing a positive number drop, and see exactly how I am doing per week etc but so far I am happy with the results. I will end this post here as I feel like I am going on and on here lol so I just want to thank you for following along once again. Thanks!

As Ever


  1. Your energy is evident in your writing. I am thrilled for you. I am amazed at the food you ate yesterday. Your breakfast sounded yummy. And only 1/2 oz of swordfish- thats where I would have taken my calories. I think giving your body another rest day was wise. There's nothing like a good workout when you feel healthy. It's nice that you are feeling your body change- I still need to take a now photo, or I'll not appreciate the full transformation. I must be brave.... lol
    Have a great day. Ride, Tony, Ride!

  2. Boy, I wish I had a mother in law like you! That dinner sounds amazing! Good for you for counting it all up, and making it fit into your calorie allowance for the day!!
    Pretty cool about you seeing a bit of change in your calves. I am not surprised that other people see a bit of a difference, and you can't see it yourself. I think that is common.
    Keep up the good work, and keep thinking of ways to change it up (i.e. the omelette) to give me some ideas!! I'm still enjoying my daily turkey sandwiches and peanut butter, etc., but I could use some other low-cal ideas occasionally! I think I'll fix an omlette like that tomorrow. Was it still good, even though it only had one egg yolk? I've never made one with one whole egg and the rest egg whites....
    Sounds like a great idea!

  3. This probably will sound so dumb but here goes -- what do you do with the leftover egg yolks? Do you buy something that has only the whites or do you all use the yolks somewhere else down the line?
    I am so frugal -- I just KNOW I couldn't throw them out so that is why I am asking.

    oh and tell you Mom in law that she is so awesome. That dinner rocked!!

  4. Sandy,
    I am not a huge fan of big hunks of fish, the sword fish was good, I would just rather have the pork most days :)

    The omelet was awesome! you can hardly notice that its mostly egg whites. the onion and other stuff flavors it really good, I will be making those more often.

    what we ended up doing with the yolks was adding 1 whole egg and some milk and my wife made scrambled eggs for the kids with it, I don't like the idea of giving them all the yolk only. but they wanted eggs and thats how it went down lol. in the future we will likely just toss the yolks because of that. or plan on a dinner/lunch that can use them. I hate wasting food but if I lose weight in the process of a few yolks getting tossed so be it ;)

    My mom in law has responded pretty good to this change and has even added items that I eat to her grocery list "just in case" we happen to be there and want something lol, thanks for the comments ladies!

    As Ever

  5. If it were me, a month or more ago, I would have used the egg yolks in a chocolate cream pie. Or a lemon cream pie. Or any other kind of cooked custard. Mmmmmm....but now I guess I'd just wash them down the sink.
    What a funny conversation.
    Makes me want some pie. ;)