Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dads chicken soup

I thought it would be fun to post a recipe or two on here and since I mentioned that I had it for dinner on day 9 this seemed like a good time to post up my first recipe. so here goes, I am going to assume you have pots and utensils etc so I won't list them in the what you need section.

what you will need
1 chicken carcass (carcass sounds so yummy I know)
3 medium sized onions
1 lb bag of carrots
1 can whole kernel corn
1 can cut green beans
1 bag of egg noodles or cooked rice (whichever you enjoy better)
Black pepper
Lowery's poultry seasoning

Optional items
1/2 lb Celery
a few chicken cubes (lessens cooking time)

What to do

Take a decent sized pot (more than a gallon) I am sorry I do not know exactly how large the pot I use is. fill the pot with water leaving enough room for the carcass and put it on to boil, while its starting to boil take as much of the meat off of the carcass as you can and put it on a plate. we usually have a thigh and a leg and random amounts of white meat still on the bones, just get as much as possible off. now cut the carcass into a couple of pieces and drop it and all the skin and bones into the pot thats on the stove. leave it alone for at least an hour, I cook it for an hour and a half usually, sometimes closer to 2 hours. basically long enough to make a nice strong broth.

if you want to cut back on cooking time cook it for 45 mins and use a few chicken cubes instead, I honestly do not think it tastes as good with the cubes but if you are short on time its still good.

2 while that is boiling chop the 3 onions up nice and fine and place them to the side, peel and cut the carrots into coins and place them aside as well, if you are using celery cut it up as well at this time, I don't like celery so I leave it out but its in there the way Dad makes it. cut the chicken that you took off of the carcass up into soup sized pieces, place them to the side

3 when the broth is ready strain the bones and skin out of it saving the broth, place the broth back onto the stove and put the onion and carrots (and celery if your using it) into the strained broth to cook. add about 1 tspn of the Lowery's poultry seasoning into the broth and veggies and give it a stir, add some salt and pepper to taste, I like to use a lot of black pepper at this point, let that boil until the carrots start to get soft, less than an hour usually.

4 while thats cooking strip the rest of the meat off of the carcass, you would be surprised at how much meat is still on there! discard the carcass once you have all of the meat, and I like to just drop that meat right in with the carrots and onion.

5 when the carrots are just about soft, open and drain the corn and green beans pour the corn and the rest of the chicken that you put aside earlier into the pot and let that cook 15 mins or so. after that add the green beans and taste it, if it needs a tad more poultry seasoning or pepper add it now and let it simmer for another 15 mins.

6 cook the egg noodles or rice whichever you decided on and let the soup simmer while that cooks. when the noodles/rice is done so is the soup.

I like to let the soup cool for about 30 mins on the stove before eating it but it is ready as soon as the noodles are, pour some into a bowl drop some rice in and enjoy. this soup is sort of thick with ingredients when its done so it is a really hearty meal. we usually end up with a couple of containers in the freezer when we make this, and we make it every time we have a whole chicken or a turkey for dinner, the turkey version is one of my favorite meals. I hope you enjoy it if you make it and I hope my instructions were clear enough. Until next time

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  1. I like that recipe! I like the word "carcass," too!! Haha! I may try that next time I pick up a whole chicken carcass. Heehee.
    Congrats on ordering the scale. That reminds me: I'm going to look on Amazon for a digital food scale, because the one I have isn't digital and it makes it kind of hard to see how much something that doesn't weigh much weighs. I want to be exactly sure about how much I'm getting, so I'm going to order one of those. Last night when I made my giant salad with shrimp, it was pretty tough to figure out the calories exactly for the cucmbers and bell peppers I put into the salad. I got as close as possible, though, and rounded up just to be safe. Keep posting! I am enjoying reading your posts! You're blog has been added to my favorites!

  2. Botzz,
    I too enjoy reading your blog. You have such organization. You inspire me. My blog is up and running. I am having trouble getting all my calories in a day. It's bad, when you're not hungry, but are looking to eat something, just to keep your numbers.
    My carb to protein ratio is off. I ate more carbs than protein today. Any tips? Keep on Blogging.

  3. Robyn, I hope you enjoy the soup if you decide to make it :) it is a really simple but tasty recipe that I have been eating since I was a kid! and yes a good food scale helps a bunch.

    Sandy, Thanks for the comment, and I am glad that you enjoy reading my blog. as far as my balancing protein/carb etc I just try and eat as balanced as I can and get something in from each food group at each meal. I would love to take a look at your blog sandy!

    also I wanted to say thanks for the comments they are very much appreciated.

  4. I came across your blog today and read the entire thing in one sitting. I find that you and I think alike in cooking...spicey, pepper, etc..Love your recipes and you have inspired me to really really try life long struggle. Thanks, Zeusmeatball!