Monday, January 14, 2008


I have added "Monthly minutes" to the page, this will track my minutes on the stationary bike, currently it is 15/270 the 15 is what I have done and the 270 is total minutes for the month starting on the 14th until the 31st, that is 15 mins a day from the 14th to the 31st as a goal, this number is just the goal, I may go over depending on how I feel on a given day, I just did 15 mins on the bike and then my push ups crunches and squats (which I did not do the squats today I want to give my knee a rest) and on a side note I shoveled a 7 inch snowfall for approximately 30 minutes this morning, 15 mins a day will be my goal for the next 15 days on the bike and I will try and up the daily minutes next month or as soon as 15 mins feels too easy. for right now its getting my heart rate up and giving me a good sweat, so it stays at 15 for now.

I was feeling like I needed some inspiration so I put Sepultura bloody roots on the MP3 player and went at it,I had not listened to that in quite a while and it helped me stay at a nice pace as I just paced the music, I may post the riding music each day or maybe not, I am not sure yet. stay tuned to find out! lol As usual thanks for reading and thanks for the motivational comments, Robyn and Sandy especially as you both seem to follow my blog closely. Thanks

As Ever


  1. Hey, great idea! You're doing better than me on the exercise thing! Keeping track of your minutes is a great idea.
    I'm not familiar with that music that you noted - - you'll have to let me in on that. My husband thinks that the song from "Rocky," "Gonna Fly Now" (it's on my projectplaylist player on my blog) is the best music to listen to while exercising....I wouldn't know. I haven't tried that yet. I like the song, "Eye of the Tiger." It's funny, and reminds me of working out. Cheesy stuff. I love cheesy stuff. :)
    Oh, and you're welcome. I really enjoy reading your blog! Keep those posts comin!!

  2. Okay, looked up Sepultura Roots....oh boy. Hahahaha!! Scary music!! I bet you hate my music! LOL!!! That just "tickled me to death." lol, lol!!

  3. something aggressive always seems to get me into a zone, so its the perfect work out music for me, brings me back to when I was in my early 20's and going to shows every weekend, its also what I use to lift weights to. after the workout its back to Buddy Guy, Albert King or Stevie Ray :) to relax.