Thursday, January 3, 2008

Day 2

Ok, I made it through day 2 with no problems and nothing too difficult as far as being limited goes, I did wake up hungry which is odd for me as I usually am not hungry for 3 or more hours after waking up. over all I feel good and don't have that usual "mental hunger" that comes with the anticipation of a diet.

I do think I may need to reconsider the 1200 Calories to a slightly larger number though. the more I read the more I am seeing that 1000-1200 is enough for a woman to lose weight, which is great because if it works for a woman it should work for me, as I am larger than even your average man standing 6'4'', and it was brought to my attention that 1200 may be too little for a fella of my stature. I ended up with 1330 cals on day 2 but may end up bringing it to 1400, I just haven't decided yet. In addition to the low cal diet I am drinking a glass of water every 2 hours or so and taking daily vitamins.

I have been with every meal taking a look at the calories I am eating vs what I would have eaten if I had not started this and all I can say is wow! the Milk I drink (or use to drink) alone is a huge amount of calories and the more I think about it, why would I want to drink my calories? seems counter productive (which the mirror confirms) so I have hope that this will work for me. Now onto the menu for Day 2.

01/02/08 intake

9:30am I started the day with a 3oz slice of banana bread and a large cup of coffee with 2 almost level tablespoons of sugar and a splash of 2% milk which was less than 3 spoons

Banana bread 240 Cal
Milk 30 Cal
Sugar 90 Cal

1:30pm 1 Can of tuna with 1 tablespoon of Mayonnaise and 2 slices of white bread and a large glass of water, I was hungry by lunch time, which again is not normal for me but here we go!

150 Cal
Bread 140 Cal
Mayo 90 Cal

5:50pm Dinner consisted of 1 fish fillet and 1.5 cups cooked rice with 1 pat of butter on it. 1 can of cut green beans a glass of crystal light lemonade and 1 medium dill pickle. the jar says 0 calories for the pickle but I am unsure how true that is so I will research it.

Rice 300 Cal
Butter 35 Cal
Fish fillet 140 Cal
Green beans 70 Cal
Lemonade and pickle 0 Cal

9:00 I had 2 cups of air popped pop corn as a snack which had 1 shake of popcorn flavoring on it which seemed like just the right amount for a snack if not a little late in the day.

Popcorn 40 Cal
Flavoring less than 5

Exercise 30 push ups in 3 sets of 10 and 30 squats also 3 sets of 10 , nothing in the way of real cardio as it has been pretty cold outside.

Grand total is 1330 Calories
for day 2 still not feeling the affects of eating less as far as wanting more goes yet, I hope it stays like that. Over all I feel good so far but I have a feeling as soon as my body realizes whats happening that it will let me know that it is not happy.