Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 22

2 men enter 1 man leaves, it dawned on me just how much I have to lose now knowing what I weigh, I have to lose more than my brothers entire weight off of me! no worries, I got this... the day went well, I was in a good mood all day because of the new scale, exercised on schedule and stayed under calories by 200, I didn't mean to do that it just turned out that way, and I didn't want to eat calories just for the sake of hitting that magical number. my first goal is to get out of the 500's and into the 400's I don't want to stay here on the 500 block any longer!

I woke up today and wanted to hop right on that scale (and I still may) but I think that I want to try and do it strictly once a week, its just hard not to get on it first thing! lol like I lost weight over night or something... shhhhhurre lol. I am happy with how this whole process is going so far and the scale was just a boost for that. let me get on with the menu before I keep you here reading for an hour! lol


9:00 AM
2.5 hebrew national hotdogs 115
2 slices Beefsteak lite rye bread 80
glass of crystal light 15

2:15 PM
1 boiled egg 70
2 slices Beefsteak lite rye bread 80
1 tbsp Miracle whip 35
1 Van De Camp fish fillet 140
big glass of crystal light 15

5:30 PM
2 Van De Camp fish fillets 280
3/4 cup cooked white rice 150
8 brussel sprouts 60
crystal light 10
1 pat butter 35

7:30 PM
16oz green tea 2 tbsp sugar 100
1 banana 120

Grand total of 1305 calories for the day, came in a little low, which is ok by me. I was not hungry so I didn't eat the last 200 cals. I figure as long as I am not doing that more often than not I should be ok. Master Blaster DOES NOT run Barter town! I just took it back! as always Thanks for reading and for all of the comments!

As Ever


  1. I weighed myself on your scale this morning. I weighed 6 lbs heavier then on my scale. So I just updated my log by adding 6 lbs to all weigh ins and will use the new one from now on.

    Sorry for being so cranky yesterday, Full Moon and PMSing woman on diet cannot be a good combo.

    Love ya,


  2. Tony- dont spend too much time on the amount of weight you have to lose. As you lose lbs, your activity level will increase, which helps you lose more lbs. You'll get there. You have great optimism, and lots of positive thinking goes a long way. I think I read you injured yourself? Did you explain that somewhere, and I missed it? If you have will, and it's quite obvious you do, you will meet your goals. $00's, here he comes!!!!!!

  3. I think she meant 400's...


    Hey, way to go on staying under the calories. I have a little bit of a dilima myself about the calories...
    It's hard to decide what to eat in the first part of the day, becuase I want to be able to chose whatever I want, really, in the evening for dinner. Since that is when everyone else eats with me, I want to have plenty of calories to "spend." So, I guess I kind of spend the day "saving up," so that I'll have plenty for dinner. But, usually I don't end up eating anything too bad for dinner, and then I have extra calories. I don't really want to scarf down something high in calories late at night, just to make up for a low daily calorie-intake, so I just don't. And then, I'm under my calories. Oh well. I think that if I feel okay, and am not starving, then I'm probably going to be FINE!
    Okay, just wanted to get that out of my system.
    You are staying so positive, which is so awesome. Keep reaching toward that will get here with time.
    It's hard to stay off that scale, isn't it? Just let me give you some advice about that: Don't get all exiced if one day the scale says a really low number, because the next day, it may jump right back up. I've noticed that myslef, since I weighed myself Sunday morning, and my weight on that morning was 191.5! I was like, "I LOST 10 POUNDS!!" But, THEN, on Tuesday, my "real" weigh-in day, I was back up to 194.5. So, for whatever reason, a guess the body will go up and down a bit (you even told me that). So, try not to get discouraged. I've found that if I get on there every day, it does discourage me a bit. I'm going to try really really hard to stay away from it until next Tuesday. It's going to be about as hard as staying away from the Starbucks drivethrough, but I think I can do it!!
    Robyn479, the novel comment-writer

  4. Dilemma. Yeah, that's how you spell it. I knew dilima didn't look right....

  5. Choose, not chose.
    Excited, not exiced.

    If you ever need a paper written, don't ask me to write it. But, I can proofread it for you!! I was always good at proofreading...

  6. Robyn,

    Count to ten then send :) ROFL You're so funny.