Saturday, January 5, 2008

Day 5

the 5th day in came and went! I still feel great and cannot say that I feel any different from when I was not counting the calories, which is great! I slept in as I was up late reading again, woke up around 9am and took my time before I ate or drank anything, besides the glass of water I drink upon waking every day. wify thought it was a good idea to take the kids for a walk it was high 30's low 40's maybe even today so it seemed like a plan, we walked to a small playground thats a couple of blocks away and we played with the kids for an hour and a half and headed home. pretty nice day all in all. onto the intake for the day!


10:00am I had a large cup of coffee with 3 teaspoons of sugar 25x3 cals and 3 tspn coffee mate 10x3 cals as usual.

Sugar 75 Cal
Coffee mate 30 Cal

11:00am I had a pear on the way to the playground

Pear 120 Cal

2:00pm Egg salad sandwich seems to work well for lunch so I went with it again.

Bread 140 Cal
Boiled egg 70 Cal
Miracle whip 35 Cal

6:00pm The dinner I have been waiting for! we had some steak, it was sirloin with all of the fat trimmed off and was very lean, that was broiled. along with the steak I had a 6 oz baked potato with less than 2 pats of butter but more than 1 so I always round up so I counted the butter as 2 servings and 1 cup of canned green beans. dinner was very filling and satisfying.

Steak 585 Cal
Potato 130 Cal
Butter 70 Cal
Green beans 40 Cal

8:30pm made myself a toast and tomato sandwich to make up the calories as I really wanted to hit 1500 today. it was made out of 2 oz sliced tomato, 2 slices of toasted white bread and less than 1 tbsp Miracle whip, and some black pepper.

Tomato 10 Cal
Toast 140 Cal
Miracle whip 35

Grand total of 1480 calories for today almost a week in and doing good so far. I am actually excited about how easily I am staying on this, no complaining and no urges to eat anything not within my allowance of calories. funny thing fear is eh? I think the difference this time around is that the mental roadblock of wanting things etc is dwarfed by the fear of a weight loss surgery, I hope I can stick with this for a year at least, I have set a mini goal of 3 months and I am going to try and get to the GNC in the mall tomorrow to get a positive weight of myself as the physiological advantage of knowing my weight and seeing it fluctuate I feel will be a strong tool to have with something like this. again I thank you for reading and invite you to come along with me for this journey and watch me succeed.

As Ever