Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Day 1

Hi there, this will mark the start of something that I expect not to be an easy road traveled, I am your average every day fellow in every respect besides the fact that I weigh twice as much as your average construction worker, that may be pushing it but I believe it to be close.

I decided that I would blog about it to give me a sort of record as to how it is going and to give me something to look back at when I succeed or fail at this attempt. I will try and update this blog daily with my food intake and how I felt on that particular day along with any exercise that was done.

The Plan is to eat a balanced diet with a limited Caloric intake. I am starting off with 1200 calories per day, I will see how I feel and go from there. I am 6 feet 5 inches tall, large build, shirt size is 6X jeans are 54/32 so 1200 calories will not be easy but it shouldn't be impossible either.

I started on January 01 2008 with this 1200 calorie adventure and woke up today hungry. I did not quite hit the 1200 cal mark yesterday (which is good I think), I will try and list what was eaten and the calories in it each day that I post on this blog, so here goes nothing!

01/01/08 intake

9:30 am 1 large cup of coffee 3 teaspoons of sugar and some cream, wify made the cup for me before she knew I was trying this low cal thing so I just counted it higher than it probably was.

Coffee 200 Cal

12:20 pm 1 can Progresso soup add 5 Ritz crackers and that was lunch.

Soup 200 Cal
Ritz 80 Cal

5:30 pm 2 cups pasta and half a cup of sauce 1 slice of bread with less than half a pat of butter.

Pasta 200 Cal
Sauce 60 Cal
bread 70 Cal
butter 35 Cal

6:30 pm 1 2oz slice of banana bread

Banana bread 160 Cal

7:30 pm 1 7oz pear

Pear 120 Cal

Grand total is 1125 Calories for the first day. not bad and I didn't even notice that I was on a diet except for the measuring everything out. Like I said earlier in this post I did wake up hungry today which is not normal for me. I hope to update this every day and will do my best to try. hopefully its a success and you will soon be reading about how well it is going, thanks for reading and please don't hesitate to leave a comment or word of wisdom.