Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day 12

12 days gone. I took a look at the bike that I got and it was missing a couple nuts for the seat, so I had to hold off on riding it, took a ride to Lowes last night and bought a few nuts and all is well, so I will likely ride it today (Sunday) , Last night wify rented a Jet Li movie called War, action scenes were ok and they tried real hard to make it more of a movie than it was but it was not Li's best work, over all it was a so so movie, and I treated myself to a large snack during the movie that was well within my calorie limits, I still felt guilty eating it! one negative for the day, I was doing some squats and my knee hurt a little bit, and later in the morning I was outside putting some air into the tires on my car squatted down and felt the knee again, it went away by the evening but its something I will be watching it for a few days, onto the menu.


11:20 AM
1/2 cup refried beans (3 tacos) 90
3 small mission white tortollas 165
1oz cheddar cheese 110
2 oz tomato 10
1oz lettuce 5
2 tbsp LaVictoria red taco sauce 10

3:45 PM
2 hebrew national hotdogs 90
2 slices white bread 140
1 tbsp relish 20
1 glass crystal light 15

6:15 PM
8 Mrs T's Perogies 450
2 pats butter 70
1 cup canned green beans 40

10:45 PM
6 cups air popped 120
2 pats butter 70

Grand total of 1405 Calories for the day, Including that late popcorn snack! over all still feeling good, if I am being honest I feel better than I have in months. we are heading to my Mother in laws house for dinner tonight and she asked us what we wanted for dinner last night, so it looks like pork chops on the grill with green beans and a salad are on the menu for tonights dinner. Thanks for reading.

As Ever


  1. Hey, nice going on the meals, and being able to still fit in a late night snack! That air popped popcorn is a great idea! About your bike - that stinks that you've got to repair it before you can ride it. Guess what we just realized yesterday - - the stationary bike we bought is not the one that we thought we were buying. We thought we were buying one with a nice big padded chair on it, but the one we ended up with has a seat like a bicycle, NOT what we wanted. So, my husband insists that we have to return it and get the other one.
    I did no do my excercise yesterday, like I should have. I guess I'm going to try my hardest to make up for it today. Maybe I'll do 30 minutes early in the day, and 30 minutes late.
    Keep posting! I'm reading daily!! :)

  2. I actually felt bad for eating all that popcorn lol but since it fit into my calories for the day I convinced myself that it was ok :), Your bike- little skinny wedgie seat no way! lol I agree with the nice cooshy seat, the bike I have has a nice wide seat on it, and it wasn't really in need of repair as much as missing 2/4 nuts that held the seat on so I figured better safe than sorry lol. oh! and thanks for reading daily it really does help to know people are reading this and its helping me stay accountable for what I eat.

    As Ever

  3. Hey Botzz,
    I hope your day went well. I was surfing 3FC forums and found something about calorie counting I thought you might find interesting to read. I think I will give it a try, if after reading it still sounds good. Anyway, food( no pun intended) for thought!

  4. jumped the gun on the link. That website is a kid selling the info. Free info available.
    If you do a search for "shifting calories method", you will find some good info. I like the idea of keeping the body guessing, so to speak. Keeps the metabolism going, as calorie consumption is unpredictable. Anyway, check it out if you want . I am finding it fascinating.