Friday, February 1, 2008

Day 31

I did not make my calories again. I actually came in 355 calories short, man I gotta stop that lol. Today (Friday) is weigh in day number 2, and its a short week as I just weighed in on Tuesday, but I wanted my weigh in day to be the same as my wifes so I changed it to Friday.

It was an average day as far as everything went, nothing too important to report really, I did mess around with some dumbbells in the afternoon, some curls and triceps extensions to go with the push ups but nothing really strenuous.

Oh the best part, I just weighed myself this morning (Friday) and I weighed in at 503lbs so thats a 3lb loss since Tuesday! so I am happy with that. the hard work appears to be paying off! but I want more lol. its time to step it up a notch I think. I am going to attempt to make my work outs more intense and last longer. I am a mere 3 lbs off of my mini goal which is to get off of the 500 block and get into the 400's . I may have to have a mid week weigh in on Tuesday again to see if I made it. also I posted a picture of a motorcycle last week when I weighed in, because the bike weighed the same as me. I am going to post a picture of something that weighs the same as I do each week that I weigh in, and since I am getting back into bikes because of the reward I set for myself, its been bikes, man I can't wait until I can't find a bike that I don't weigh as much as! lol so with that I give you the menu and the photo.


9:00 AM
1 apple 75

11:00 AM
2 hebrew national hot dogs 90
2 slices Beefsteak lite rye 80
ketchup 10

2:15 PM
1 can Progresso lite soup 120
1/2 cup cooked white rice 100
1 english muffiin 100
1 pat butter 35
2oz sliced tomato 10

6:15 PM
1 cup near east whole grain Rice Pilaf 210
5oz roasted chicken breast 275
1 cup green beans 40

This 1985 GV700 Madura V-Four weighs in at 503lbs

Grand total of 1145 calories for the day, I decided that I was not going to make myself eat the remainder of the calories for the day because I was weighing myself in the morning. I need to get the calories back up into the 1400-1500 mark for the rest of the week, I worry about going into starvation mode and messing up my metabolism (not likely at my weight but still) I am happy with the 3lb loss, especially since its only since Tuesday! thats my day and morning in a nutshell and I am still feeling very positive about the decision to make this change in my life. Thanks for following.

As Ever


  1. Great Job Tony! 3 more pounds is awesome. I agree with you about taking it up a notch. I hopped on the bike last night for 2.5 miles. I will ride daily, cause I can. I will try to go 20 minutes today, but anything is better than nothing. I also agree, I want more- I am having a blast losing weight. Go figure!
    How did Wify do today?

  2. Here are my numbers since we started:

    1/1/2008 236
    1/4/2008 231
    1/11/2008 226
    1/18/2008 222
    1/25/2008 220
    2/1/2008 216

    I actually have a mini blog going on myspace. Not as diligent or detailed as hubby's. I write in it on the weekends. If you have a myspace, let me know and I can add you.


  3. Wow! 3 pounds since Tuesday?! Dang. You're doing great!
    And WIFY: HOLY MOLY! You've lost 20 pounds in 1 month! Oh my gosh. How do you do it? That's just crazy. Anyay, congrats to both of you! Do kick it up a notch and let's see what happens. I think my challenge for this week will also be to "kick it up a notch." Who knows? Maybe I can lose 3 or 4 pounds in the next week if I just stuck to my original plan of exercising daily! I think I will REALLY REALLY try hard to do that this week. Just to see what happens.

    wify: I have a myspace page, but I don't like using it. I don't know why, but it is so confusing to me. Also, there is a person that I REALLY don't like that has sent me a freind request. I don't want to log in to my myspace because then it will reveal my "last login" date and they'll know that I'm avoiding them. How dumb is that? Am I in 6th grade or something?! I just can't help it. There are just some people (this one in particular) that I don't really want to have any contact with whatsoever. Okay, maybe not "some people." Just this one. ;)
    Keep us updated on here, though! You are doing SO awesome!! Keep up the great work! :)

  4. p.s. I think it is so funny, and such a good idea for you to find things that weigh the same as you - and posting pictures of them! Soon, you'll be posting pictures of little electric scooters! haha! How do you find these things? I'd like to see what I can find that weighs 192 pounds to put on my page! How could I find that, though?
    You're too funny! :)

  5. I found something that weighs the same as me! I posted a picture of it. I hope you don't mind that I'm the biggest copycat in the world! :)
    p.s. I think I had a dream that you told me that your real name is Harrison. Or, was it a dream?! It's so weird, but I just thought of that!

  6. Tony- Does Robyn crack you up ? I am reading this a laughing out loud. Robyn, you are a riot!
    What a group we have! Congrats to Wify!!!!!
    WOW!! Wify gets to do the Snoopy dance too! AWESOME!

  7. Hey its Harrison get it right! lol