Friday, February 1, 2008

Monthly minutes etc etc etc.

It would appear that I did not make my monthly minutes goal for the month, since it was just a guesstimate as to what would happen I am not worried about it in any way at all. the push ups counter says I did not make the push ups either but it lies! lol I do so many push ups in a day that its insane really. the only ones that get logged are the ones that I do right after riding/walking so I did make the push ups and then some.

These are the numbers for Jan
195/270 ~ Bike
280/320 ~ Push ups

I will shoot for 15 mins a day 5 days a week for the bike this month which comes out to 315 minutes, I am confident that I will go over that limit this month.


for push ups I will shoot for 25 per day 5 days a week which brings me to 525 push ups for the month of Feb.


If I walk I will count that time towards the bike minutes and will note it on the exercise post for that day.

something I thought of (last night actually) I seem to lose roughly 1 lb per day says since I have had the scale. imagine what I have lost in this first months time? I will never know but my wife and I guess roughly 30lbs, if it is really 30 wow! lol . anyways I just thought I would post a late morning entry just because I was thinking about some things.

As ever