Friday, February 15, 2008

Day 45 Weighing in

Day 45 went well, I had 1495 calories and my pops came by for a visit, he didn't mention either way if I looked as if I had lost weight, it was nice to see him. the eating went good and I felt good, though I skipped exercise all together because he was here, and if I am being honest I was bad with exercise all week, I only rode the bike 2 days and that was it, I am a little upset at myself for that. it will not happen again, I almost feel like I have become too comfortable with this and I am not working as hard as I can be because of it, that will not happen any more either. I plan on working out hard this week to see if theres a difference. I took it easy this week and I kept my calories as close to 1500 as I could every day and did not have as much Green tea as I have been. where as before last week I was randomly having 1200-1500 calories jumping around, drinking at least 32 oz of green tea per day and working out hard. even with all that said, I am a close to 500lb guy eating 1500 calories and exercising moderately (this week anyways) there should still be a loss. keeping the calories at a steady 1500 was on purpose, drinking less tea was accidental and less exercise was not being committed and I wanted to just admit that so I can fix it. I feel that the random calories per day ranging from 1200 to 1500 helps keep the body guessing so i will return to that tactic. exercise will be stepped up, and theres 3 gallons of green tea made in the fridge. all of this probably has you thinking "hmmm what was his weigh in if hes talking like this" welp...

I woke up this morning (Friday) and was thinking to myself "think light" I came down stairs and hopped on the scale and it read anywhere between 490.8 to 491.4 so we shall call it 491lbs which is a 5 lb loss since last Friday. somehow I am disappointed with that number, crazy right? I mean thats a 5 lb loss in a week! but I know that I slacked on the exercise so I am annoyed at myself. I should be happy but I am not. and its my own fault because I know that I didn't work as hard this week as I have been. I also think not checking in a couple times during the week on the scale can be why I slacked. oh well, another week down and another 5lbs lost :).

This Kawasaki ZRX1200R Weighs in at 491lbs

so with that I give you the menu for the day.


10:00 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 100

1:30 PM
1 boiled egg 70
1 hebrew national hot dog 45
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 tbsp Miracle whip 35
crystal light 20

2:15 PM
8 wheat ritz crackers 112
1oz Vermont sharp cheddar 110


6:30 PM
3oz steamed Broc 30
5.5oz roasted chicken 303
Green salad 50
3 tbsp lite Cesar dressing 135
crystal light 20
2 slices pickled beets 10

9:00 PM
1 Zone perfect protein bar 210

Grand total of 1495 calories
for the day, the plan will change starting today (Friday) NO slacking on the bike and ride in the am, NO eating something just to make up the calories, DRINK all of the 32 required oz's of Green tea per day, and last but not least NO FEELING BAD because it was "only" 5lbs, 5lbs is a great number! I just really wanted to hit the 480's today :( lol VERY wishful thinking as it turns out.

As Ever


  1. You've done GREAT this week! Give yourself a little credit here: You've changed your life! You've done a 360!! You have eaten healthy every day this past week, and have stayed under your allotted 1500 calories too!! 5 pounds gone....they're never coming back! You're doing great, and you KNOW IT!
    I'm excited about doing my "experiment" this week, with exercising EVERY day, and having 5-6 bottles of water, too! It sounds like you will be doing something similar along with me this week! Let's stick to it, and see what kind of changes we'll see on the scale next Friday! You lost 5 pounds this week, so maybe next week, you'll lose 6 or 7! I lost 3 pounds this week, so maybe next week I'll have lost 4 or 5! Or, maybe not. If not, the exercise still CANNOT hurt us! Even if we don't lose extra weight because of the exercise, I bet we'll feel better! I bet we'll be proud of ourselves, knowing that we gave it our "all." No slacking this week, okay?! This past week went well. Next week will go even MORE well (or should I say "better"...)!!

  2. 5 lbs is great! I know where you are coming from though. I feel the same. I think I did get a little too comfortable, and well, got no change in weight. It's ok, but I must be more conscious about my approach.
    I was surprised your dad didnt say anything. You are shrinking, I would think quite obviously.
    Great job this week. Just get back into your routine and the numbers will continue to drop.

  3. hey, i'm a 3fc'er and i've been following your blog .. you're doing a GREAT job.
    as far as a little slack on the exercise goes - it's ok once in awhile as long as you get back on track. as a fellow CT'er i'm just going to blame the weather for you as i slacked myself a bit this week - all the shoveling and car clearing in the freezing rain has GOT to make up for it though, right? shivering while exerting yourself has got to burn some extra calories - at least that's when i kept telling myself!

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies! they are appreciated, ain't no way I am slacking this week on the exercise. I honestly think thats the reason for the slow up in the drop. its been a steady 6-8 lbs per week and now 5 :( it has to be the exercise! (I hope lol) or it could just be that time, you know, that time when the hyper loss slows.

    Karen, whats your user name on 3FC, and thanks for following me!

  5. it could just be the time that the hyper weight loss slows - it's sad to see that speed go but it is slow and steady that wins the race!

    on 3fc i am karmuz.