Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day 43

What can I say? another day under the belt. I still think to myself why it took so long. I have been riding the bike in the evening, which I think is a bad idea, but its just working out like that. bad because riding late keeps me awake later and I want to try and get as much sleep as possible.

It would appear that today (Wednesday) I will end up with some extra exercise as there looks to be a few inches of snow (maybe 5) but its almost a down pour of rain atm so it will need to be shoveled away at some point, when it stops raining of course ;). there is a flood warning in affect because its warming up yet theres like I said about 5 inches of snow and down pouring of rain. yuck is just about all I can say about it.

intake for the 43rd day went well I came in at 1490 for the day but was hungry late on in the day. over all another good day. onto the menu.


8:30 AM
16 oz green tea w/1 tsp Honey 20

10:45 AM
1 banana 110
1 tbsp peanut butter 100

2:30 PM
1 can tuna 160
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 tbsp Miracle whip 35
1 light Dannon yogurt 60

6:15 PM
3oz pork chop 185
1 cup white rice 200
1/2 cup kidney beans 100
crystal light 20

8:15 PM
1 Zone perfect bar 210

9:00 PM
1.5 tbsp lite ceasar dressing 70
6oz baby carrots 80

Grand total of 1490 calories for the day, not a lot more to say here, another day down and another pound lost (hopefully) again I thank you for following along.

As Ever


  1. Boy, you really are doing great!
    I've noticed a pattern with you (and I've been the same way) - once you find some food that "works" and is something you like, you just stick with it, and have it for days in a row. When I finish all of this, I'm going to be able to say that I lost all of my weight by having a turkey sandwich every day for lunch, rather than a burger and fries or a Taco Bell combo! I'll be like Jared from Subway, only I won't be spending $4 a day on big ole sandwiches! I'll be advertising the cheap "make your own at home" kind! I was worried yesterday, as I had not seen the scale budge. But, today, that has officially changed! I'm a happy girl today.
    Keep up the great work! I love checking in with your blog to see how you're doing!! :)

  2. And you can be the "Tuna-Sandwich-for-Lunch" guy! You could become a spokesman for Starkist or something! haha!! ;)

  3. You are the definition of consistent. I am sorry to hear you got so much snow. We got maybe an inch or two, then the rain made it into slush. What a mess. I just got in from shoveling the driveway.
    You may wonder why it took you til now to start, I think we all have once or twice. I think this time matters. Maybe your reasons changed or got stronger. No worries- you are on the path of a healthy long life. And you are to be proud of this decision you made and have stuck with so well. We'll talk book deals later! :--) Sandy
    PS whats up with the identity choices- I'm not getting it??

  4. Sandy speaking-
    when I leave a comment, at the bottom it asks me for an identity. I use to be able to just put my name, now it asks for google/blogger or open id or name/url or anonymous. I'm going to try something else this time, but if it doesnt work, I'm anonymous.
    lol- i'm just not technically literate- sorry!!!!