Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 50 Reflections

There is a quote by Henry Rollins that says "Half of life is f***ing up the other half is dealing with it." I feel that statement holds true for me as far as my weight issue goes. I have moved onto "the other half" at this point. I know that I have changed the way I look at eating. I do not struggle to make sure I am eating right any more and I don't crave things like cake, or cookies or Pizza, well maybe pizza a little bit, But who can blame me? CT has some of the best pizza in the country as far as I am concerned. CA comes in last place for good pizza, wow as I typed that out I realized that I know where to get good pizza from coast to coast, and there you have the first part of the quote on the front end of this post. I now know that I have to do this, not only for my Wife and Children, but for Me. With the discipline of marine I have to look at this task, for its one of the biggest and most important tasks that I will ever have to complete. "Drinking it up here boss" like Luke says, I carefully watch what goes into my mouth and check in with myself and make sure its the right thing to do.

I can remember a time in my early 20's when I was much healthier but not slim by no means and Whoppers at Burger king were 99 cents and while waiting in line at the drive through with my brother, cousin and best friend, someone (I can't remember who) said "hey how many ya think we could eat" and my best friend said, "I dunno but if ya wanna try I'm buying" and it was on! when all was said and done I had eaten 8 whoppers, and I mean full on whoppers, none of this taking toppings off or anything. we all attempted it and only god knows how many we bought that day but the number of 8 is what went down my throat. that day falls into the "Half of life is..." section of my life, I know it was more like some young bucks having an I'm tougher than you contest and couldn't turn down a challenge, but man, 8 whoppers? "hey remember the time we ate all of those whoppers" is not as cool a story as it use to be before I was 500 lbs...

Anyways, let me get on with the intake etc etc etc for the 50th day. it was a good day and I was at 1245 cals for the day, and I did not get any exercise in at all for the day, my Father in law stopped by and had one of our "low calorie tacos" that we make so often and he got to play with the kiddos for a bit. it was a nice quiet evening because after dinner the kids bombarded him and I was able to get in an hour on my Guitar undisturbed. over all all is well and the keep on keepin on is hanging in there.

onto the menu.


10:15 AM 1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 100
1 dannon light yogurt 60

2:30 PM
1 can tuna 150
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 tbsp Miracle whip 35
2oz sliced tomato 10
crystal light 15

6:00 PM
1/2 cup refried beans (3 tacos) 90
3 small mission white tortillas 165
1oz Kraft lite cheddar cheese 50
2 oz tomato 10
1oz lettuce 5
2tbsp red taco sauce 10
2 slices jalapeno 5
1 Gortons fish fillet 170
less than 1oz chopped onion 5

8:35 PM
8 oz Cantaloupe 80

9:00 PM
2 tspn honey in green tea 40

Grand total of 1245 calories
for the day, I will with 100% certainty exercise today (Wednesday) because I actually feel guilty that I skipped it. we got a bit of snow last night, less than an inch, but its cold out so no walk for me so it will have to be the bike. either way I shall make it so. Thanks for following along with my trip to the half, and keep those comments coming, they help a bunch.

As Ever


  1. Tony,
    I think this blog entry of yours todays, sums it all up. I think you have found the path, to your ultimate health and happiness for you and your family. When we are young, our thoughts, our prioities are in a different place. Certainly a place to learn from, as you described. I am so happy to hear this is the "norm" for you now. Great JOb!

  2. I like that Henry quote. It makes me think that I'm glad that I don't feel like I spent the first half of my life "f***ing" it up - but instead I used about 4 or 5 years worth of doing that. And, I hope that it doesn't take me a whole other half of my life to undo it, but instead a few months or a year or so.
    8 Whoppers, huh? Wow. I bet those were good. I love me some Buger King. But, I'm glad that you look back on that now and don't think of it as a "cool story," but instead think of it as a silly frame of mind that you were in at that point in time. You've grown out of that mindset now, so you can look back at stories like that and smile, saying to yourself, "oh, silly me." I'm so glad that you are feeling that this has now become "the norm." That's awesome!!
    Oh, and one more thing, I wanted to tell you that I, too, miss milk. I love milk. :(