Friday, February 29, 2008

Day 59 Weighing in and not taking my own advice.

The fifty ninth day went good as far as the intake goes, I tried to spread the food out so that I ate every 2 hours or so, and got to 1372 calories for the day. I feel like I ate balanced enough and the day felt ok.

I thought Friday would never get here so that I can get an official weigh in for this dismal week. At the beginning of the week I was fully expecting to get by my second mini goal which was to be under 479 lbs which would have been my last known weight from about 6 years ago, but I cannot say that I made that goal this week. close but no cigar. I weighed in at 483 lbs last Friday and would have been more than ecstatic to get under that 479 mark this week, but I only made it down to 481lbs (480.8 actually but I am rounding) for the week, so thats only a 2lb loss. countless times I have told people via email, posts in forums or responses to blogs that 2lb loss in a week is a good loss, I can't take my own advice and support and knowledge to heart I guess, because 2lbs does not feel good to me at this point. I DO know that a 2lb loss is totally acceptable, but it just feels bleh to me right now. Hopefully I am just in some kind of slow down period that my body is forcing me into and the faster losses will come back this week, but if not I need to adjust my senses to realize that 2lbs is OK.

This 1983 Suzuki GS650 weighs in at 481 lbs

Nothing inspirational, nothing too witty for today, I am not unhappy, because a loss is a loss. nothing in the rule book says I have to be 100% happy with a 2lb loss right? also I did meet my cardio goal for the month and I am 45 push ups away from the push ups goal for the month (which I will meet after todays work out) so I am happy for meeting the work out goals I set for myself in the beginning of the month. with that I will give you the menu for the day.


8:45 AM
8oz dannon light yogurt 90

10:00 AM
1 tbsp peanut butter 100
1 banana 105

12:00 PM
1 progresso light soup 120
5 wheat ritz crackers 70

3:00 PM
4oz baked potato (home made french fries) 110
1 tbsp ketchup 20

4:15 PM
1oz Vermont sharp cheddar 110
8 wheat ritz crackers 112

6:45 PM
2 grilled Gortons fish fillets 200
3/4 cup cooked white rice 150
1 cup fresh frozen corn 150
1 pat butter 35

Grand total of 1372 calories for the day, I kind of feel like I want to try something different this week like eating 1600 calories per day to see if it changes anything, and I feel like I should go one more week as is and see what happens. I will decide as the day goes on. I plan on researching it a bit on the net today and deciding the course of the week on my findings. I wish I could take my own advice and my own supportive messages about 2lbs being a good loss, I guess I am just spoiled by the big numbers I had been putting up..or should I say down.

As Ever


  1. Well, you are the first to realize that you should, indeed, take your own advice.
    But, I totally understand your frustration.
    And of course, I have to leave you with as supportive a comment I can think of and here it is:
    You're doing great! You've stayed under your calories this week, and you have exercised like a maniac! Your 2 lb. loss this week is something to be proud of, so don't you worry one bit! Slowly, but surely you're going to get to where you want to be. Hang in there, and keep up the great work!

  2. i was just wondering where you got your caloric intake from. i've your blog before and wonder if you are eating way too low calories for your weight, causing you to go into starvation mode, and therefore causing you to slow your weight loss. i was just wondering if you had been talking to a doctor about your plan.

  3. I copied you again, by adding a weight-ticker to my blog.
    I just realized that you've lost 31 pounds total!!! That's awesome! And that doesn't even consider how much you lost before you got that scale! Crazy!
    I had to copy you, so I hope you don't mind. You give me all of my bright ideas.

  4. Good job blog buddy! No worries- Keep you calories up to your set 1500 and keep exercising. You will have a result filled week, I'm sure. March is a new month- 31 lbs behind you. How awesome is that?

  5. Jillian on The Biggest Loser always says that your bod needs fuel!! Eat all your calories! These "stalls" don't last long - 2# is so awesome. I got great advice lately from a trainer friend of mine who said that when you hit a plateau, change up the TYPE of exercise you do (i.e., if you are walking, ride an exercise bike instead, or do a little bit of aerobics or something). That helped me last month when I GAINED a pound one week (believe me, I was doing everything to the LETTER!). I followed his advice, and the following week, I not only lost that pound but two more. Don't worry - just feed your body the fuel it needs and maybe try something different. You totally inspire me! By the way, I love the pictures you find - loved the motorcycle. My friend on Spark (MESSERLORI) said that when you lose, you should also go and LIFT something that weight to appreciate how much you've lost. I have lost 56# since June 1, and so if I lift my little girl (she is 44#), plus a 10# weight and a 2# weight, it makes me think, WOW, look what I was able to take off of my body. You have lost so much already that I think you should go over to Sports Authority or something and lift 31# and then pat yourself on the back!! You rock! Bye for now

  6. Robyn, your responses always make me laugh or at least smile, I don't know if its because you remind me of my cousin and she gets the same reactions from me btw, or if your just a bit crazy (I tend to get along with the crazy ones) lol either way thanks for the support.

    Anon, my caloric intake was a figure that I came up with after researching things a bit and taking what has worked for family members in the past along with a few opinions that I have gathered along the way, I do understand that 1500 seems low but its working so far, and working great, this is my first stall in 2 months. I do plan on talking to a doc, I just have to find the right one that I trust etc.

    Robyn, again lol copy all you like ;) Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ;)

    Sandy, I DO hope for a result filled week ;) but we shall see.

    Marilee, first thanks for taking the time to respond, I enjoy when people can take the time to respond to my questions/reactions/concerns. :). I am changing things up a bit in the way I eat this month, I am going to eat heavier in the am and taper off as the day goes by and see what kind of results I get with that. I am glad that you can find inspiration in my ramblings lol, and whats your user name on spark? Messerlori is on my friends list on there, I would be glad to add you as well ;)

    Thanks for the kind words ladies (and gents if anon is a gent ;))

    As Ever