Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 52 Weighing in.

Persistence is the twin sister of excellence. One is a matter of quality, the other, a matter of time. I have achieved both in the past 2 months with a lifestyle change. I have come from a father worried about the longevity of his life to someone that knows He will be successful in dropping the weight that has figuratively as well as literally held him back in recent years. I work out daily and watch what I eat. I also find myself wondering how could I be sticking to this as easily as I am right now, and yet found it so hard in the past, either way I am very pleased with My results so far.

I did have a bit of a rough day, I was hungry all day and had stomach pains. I can't explain why or how that happened but it was to the point that I was just sitting on the couch feeling like "just give me a pizza" . of course I resisted. but I did want a Bacon pizza badly.

I lost a total of 8lbs this week bringing me down to 483
lbs total. you could say that I am overwhelmingly happy with what the scale had to say to me this morning. I could not be happier with this weeks drop.

This Kawasaki VN750 Vulcan weighs 483 lbs

Onto the menu for the fifty second day.


10:00 AM
2 multi grain english muffins 200
3oz sliced tomato 15
1 boiled egg (beet egg) 70
1 tbsp Miracle whip 35

11:30 AM
1 Zone perfect bar 210

2:00 PM
1 banana 110
1tbsp peanut butter 100
1 dannon lite yogurt 60

6:00 PM
5oz pork chop 300
1/2 cup cooked white rice 100
1 cup frozen green beans 45

7:30 PM
16 oz 1 % Milk 220

Grand total of 1465 for the day,
I am over all happy with my results and am going to end this post with another quote. "A determined soul will do more with a rusty monkey wrench than a loafer will accomplish with all the tools in a machine shop" -Robert Hughes -

As Ever


  1. I love all of the quotes you come up with!!
    You have done more than AWESOME this week!! It makes me wish so badly that I had been able to stick with you on the plan this past week! Maybe I would have been happy with my results, too. I am so happy for you, and I know that if I can ever have as good of a week as you have had this past week, I'll be seeing big results, too! Way to go!! And remember that bacon pizza wouldn't have tasted nearly as good as seeing that 8 pound loss felt this morning, right?! Keep up the great work!

  2. Tony- AWESOME!!!! Wow, 8 lbs. You should be so proud of yourself. Keep up the good work. I am sorry to hear of your achy stomch. No worries, you didnt give in, as you are aware it isnt food that makes you feel better now. Staying on track is old news to you. Really proud of you.

  3. Dang. 8 pounds. I've been thinking about that all morning! 8 POUNDS! That's so cool. Congrats!

  4. thanks for the support Ladies :)

    Robyn, you make me laugh with some of your posts "I've been thinking about that all morning!" this one made me grin as I pictured you sitting there thinking "wow!" lol you remind me a lot of my cousin.

    As Ever

  5. I swear, I have been sitting here thinking, "wow, 8 pounds. 8 pounds. dang. 8 pounds!" That's like a "Biggest Loser" type weekly weight loss! You should give yourself a big pat on the back, and then give yourself a foot massage or something! That just baffles me. 8 pounds...

    Your cousin must be the coolest person in the world. ;)

    Hey, wouldn't that be nuts if we figured out one day that I AM your cousin?!!! Hahaha. I don't think I've got any relatives in Connecticut, though...

  6. Robyn, In the spirit of Biggest Loser, Tony is the Biggest Loser of the Week. She is right. 8 lbs is so great. Still havent bought the lecethin. It may be the missing key . If I am going to up my protein, to include egg's and meat, the lecethin actually is a really good idea. Hmmm..... another piece of the puzzle fits.