Monday, February 4, 2008


Around 9:30 am I decided I would go out for a walk before it started raining/snowing whichever it may have been, News says some "Precipitation" for the afternoon, the only thing I saw was a light snow flurry while I was walking. not quite sure how far it was but we walked for 45 minutes playing and throwing a ball and chasing it, my daughter asks for the walks now :) I came home after the walk and fed the kiddo a snack and did my push ups, I plan on riding the bike later on, but with a 45 minute walk I may just pass on the bike for the day.

Snow and Ice on the trees in my yard from last time it snowed

The excitement! during our walk we ran into an unfriendly dog, he looked like an older dog I thought someone was with him when I first saw him up the street, and thats why we kept walking in that direction. as we got closer and he saw us he started barking, growling and the hair raised up on his back then he ran towards us. I picked up my daughter and turned her away from the stupid dog and planted one on his mouth/face with my size 14 , he yelped and ran away and the whole time my daughter was saying "dad look doggy" I laughed afterwards at that. other than the "dog incident" it was a nice walk. I may go and knock on the door of the house where the yard he was in is and mention that they may want to leash the dog if its going to be running at people, as it may not get off so easy next time, and I walk that route regularly and don't want to worry about it every time I walk.

More snow and Ice on the trees in my yard from last time it snowed

Its been a good day for getting some movement into my day so far and like I said I will probably ride the bike for a while later, maybe after dinner.

As Ever