Saturday, February 9, 2008

Day 39

Chiming in late! We went out and looked at a couple homes this afternoon (Saturday) We are interested in one of them but not sure were ready to commit just yet. its 2300 sq feet, 3 acres of land half wooded and half cleared with a hill in the center behind the house. so we were a bit busy today as far as that goes.

Day 39 went well as far as calories goes, I made a nice pair of breakfast burritos/tacos which were ok but I doubt I will make it again, I just prefer an omelet :). over all a good day all around. I am trying to stay off of the scale until Friday, its going to be hard I know it! but I will try. I will keep this post short because were still a bit busy tonight. but I wanted to make sure I posted. so heres the menu.


10:00 AM
1 whole egg 70
3 egg whites 48
2 mission white corn tortillas 110
2oz tomato 10
1 slice cheddar cheese 70
less than 1oz green bell pepper 5
1 pat butter 35
1 tbsp salsa 15
less than 1oz onion 5
1 glass crystal light 5

12:00 PM
1 Dannon light yogurt 60

2:45 PM
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 can Tuna 175
1 tbsp Miracle whip 35

6:15 PM
2 light cups of home made soup 320
3/4 cup cooked white rice 150
1 tbsp sugar in home brewed green tea 48

8:30 PM
1 dannon light yogurt 60
1 Nectarine 70

Grand total of 1431 calories for the day, so as you can see its just an average day as far as the calories go. the home hunting on the other hand, I sorta wish we were ready to buy right now but were locked into the lease that we have from when we moved back to CT from CA, I really liked the house we looked at and its only 15 more mins from wifys place of work so not bad at all. tonight (Saturday night) I had sort of a not so good dinner, and I feel like crap for it. ahhh but that is for tomorrows post. Tune in tomorrow kids! for the exciting second part of the weekend. oh and sorry the post is so late in the day.

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