Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day 44

Happy Valentines day to everyone! another reason to spend money on recycled paper pressed into cards and buy pounds of cheaply processed chocolate wrapped in red cellophane. I did have a show down with an 8 pack of Cadburys creme eggs at the store where I bought some cards. they stared me in the face and in sequence the little gold wrapper chicks on the packages all looked at me and I swear I heard them whisper "ahhh there he is, we knew you would come for us" but I did not buy the colorful foil wrapped evil, I simply walked away and the eggs all sighed together when they realized they would not be bought. I rounded the corner only to be faced with a frog with a wig on that was singing a Beyonce song holding a heart, I thought to myself WTF is that about, and then more chicks on an end cap. alas I resisted again and the eggs shall remain on the shelf. I won that battle and the creamy little eggs can stay on the shelf with the Beyonce frog.

The forty fourth day of the second month was a good one as far as intake went, 1491 total calories in, and extra exercise to boot because of the snow, I have been making sure I get as close to 1500 as possible lately by eating carrots to make up the numbers. my chest is a bit achy lately, I think its all of the push ups, I probably on any given day do 60-100 push ups through out the day, because of the soreness I am going to take a few days off with the push ups and see if it goes away.

I have been brewing my own green tea at home for a while now and I have started sweetening it with honey instead of sugar, the honey makes it so much better than the sugar and is only 20 calories per tea spoon.

Onto the Menu for the day.


8:45 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 100
16oz green tea w/ 1 tsp honey 20

9:15 AM
1 Dannon light yogurt 60

2:30 PM
1 Gortons fish fillet 170
1 cup cooked white rice 200
1 pat butter 35

6:15 PM
1/2 cup refried beans (3 tacos) 90
3 small mission white tortollas 165
1oz Kraft lite cheddar cheese 50
2 oz tomato 10
1oz lettuce 5
2tblsp All Natural Salsa 10
crystal light 20
sliced Jalapeno 5
less than 1oz onion 5
3/4 cup canned corn 120

8:00 PM
8 Wheat Ritz Crackers 112
1 oz Vermont Sharp Cheddar 110

8:30 PM
4 oz of baby carrots 54
1 tbsp Ceasar Dressing 45

Grand total of 1491 calories for the day, pretty good day for the intake. I have been giving thought to having to get a surgery for extra skin removal lately. I don't like the idea of it but it would seem that it is going to be something I will have to do, more to come on that later. hope everyone has a great V day!

As Ever


  1. I like your Valentine's day pics....very festive! ;)
    This is a horrible time of the year to go to the store. It seems as if all there are in the stores are iles and iles of chocolate this, and chocolate that - most with a creamy filling of some sort - staring at you, calling your name. I had to buy candy yesterday for my daughter to bring to school, as well as candy to give to my parents, my kids' teachers, and a few others. How silly, to spend SO MUCH money on candy and cards and seasonal stuffed animals. But, I fall for it every year, and always regret my purchases afterward. All I know is that I hope that if someone gives me any candy today, that it be a box of "assorted chocolates," because those are so gross that I just throw 3/4 of it away anyway. Yuck. Chocolate covered cherries are the worst! I hate those things!
    Anyway, you're doing great, and I'm proud of you for leaving those Cadbury eggs on the shelf next to the Beyonce frog. Good boy.
    I hope your chest has a nice break, and starts to feel better soon.
    Surgery? That's definitely something you could consider, but maybe just maybe you have enough elasticity in your skin, that you won't need it. Maybe you could look into finding some kind of vitamin or something that will help your skin's elasticity....
    Keep up the great work! Have a great day!!

  2. oh, crap. I know that "iles" is not the correct spelling for that word, but I really don't know what is!! Is it "isle?" I'm retarded.