Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow and Exercise

We got about 9 inches of snow today. it snowed all morning with a small break around 10:00 am, so I went outside and shoveled the walk and driveway, it was about 3-4 inches at that point. took maybe 40 minutes, and I did not get winded which was great! then it started getting serious, and started snowing again and did not stop until 6:30 pm so around 3:00pm I went out to take a layer off of it. and was out there for close to an hour, I shoveled almost all the way back to the back yard (we have a semi long drive way you can park maybe 7 cars in it end to end) so I got some good exercise in because of the lousy weather. as I said it continued to snow until around 6:30 so theres some snow left out there for the morning, so it would appear that I will get some shoveling exercise in tomorrow as well. here are a couple pictures from this afternoon.

A tree on the side of my house that I thought looked cool

My poor California Mustang all covered in snow, I heard it mumbling profanities at me while I shoveled

A look out at the road from in the driveway, you can see the snow accumulating where I just shoveled!

I just thought I would post up some of my day, hope you enjoyed the pics :)

As Ever


  1. Wow. I like those pictures! I love the way a tree looks with snow on it! Very pretty!
    Great job for doing all of that shoveling! That's cool that you didn't even get winded with all that you had to do already!
    Good luck taking off those layers of snow today! Have a good one!

  2. Geez, I just realized that I ended every sentence in that last post with an exclamation mark. I hate it when I do that. I'm actually not THAT chipper of a person...

  3. shhhuuuurrrreeeeee your not ;) lol Thanks for the comments.