Sunday, February 17, 2008

Day 47

I completed my 7th week of this change today and am seeing results. I mean actually seeing them! I am extremely excited about that. I had a meh day last night and this morning (Sunday) because I am thinking about the subject in the last post. it is something thats bothering me more and more. the fact that I have to get a surgery (most likely) is maddening enough, stack the fact that its going to cost me as much as its going to is the icing on the cake so to speak. so with that said I had a bit of a hiccup as far as the excitement goes. it is gone for now because theres nothing I can do about it so why worry about it right now.

I have decided to pick up the pace this week and see what happens, I will not change the intake at all other than not eating something "just to hit 1500" but the exercise is going to be stepped up. meaning riding the bike on weekends and possibly 2 times a day and trying to find as much as I can do to get more movement into my day. walking in addition to bike work when weather permits etc etc etc. I really think I need a heavy bag for my basement. I use to work out on one before I was injured and now that my back seems to be feeling a bit better I want to incorporate the bag into the day again, I have been looking on Craigslist to see if I can find one free or on the extremely cheap, I will keep looking.

onto the menu..and I will be posting the recipe for the "Beet eggs" in a later post.


11:00 AM
2 boiled eggs (beet eggs) 140
8 wheat Ritz crackers 112
1oz Vermont sharp cheddar 110

3:45 PM
1 can progresso soup 120
2 slices light rye bread 80
2oz sliced tomato 10
1 tbsp Miracle whip 35

6:45 PM
6oz deli turkey breast 300
3 slices whole wheat bread 210
3/4 cup veggies 55
1 1/2 tbsp Miracle whip 55
1 dill pickle 5

10:45 PM
1 Dannon light yogurt 60

Grand total of 1292 calories for the day, I resisted making a giant bowl of popcorn during the movie last night and had a light yogurt right before we started it. the movie was ok, other than the woman (Jody Foster) that had never in her life seen violence suddenly runs into every evil man in NYC after her initial run in with some thugs. 6 of 10 score from me, Wify liked it better, she says 8 of 10. I also wanted to thank the 2 people that sent me personal emails yesterday after my post with the skin concern. I appreciated the time you took to write me.

As Ever


  1. Hey Tony- I saw a cool punching bag at Sam's Club-
    Includes Heavy Bag, Speed Bag, Double End Bag, Boxing Gloves and Swivel! I cant remember how much it was, but I want one. We just dont have the space for it now.
    Watch if you up your exercise, and not increase your calories. You may feel tired, so be careful. Are you taking a multi vitamin? I'm starting tomorrow. That and the Fibercon Robyn mentioned. I have to get some lecethin in there too. Thanks for your continued support.

  2. A punching bag sounds like a great workout tool! Hmmm...maybe we need to add one to the zebra room...
    I'd love to get into kickboxing. I think I'd be bad-ass at it!
    You're doing great! I'm wondering what kind of deli turkey you had, that 6 oz. is 300 calories?? The kind I buy "Sara Lee Mesquite Smoked" is only 50 (or maybe it's 60) calories per 2 oz. serving.

  3. Robyn,

    The turkey was Fit N' Thin skinless turkey breast. And I think the grocery store had a brand name one too. Make sure it's skinless and I think when you add Mesquite the calories go up. I also asked the deli guy to check the calories on the packaging.


  4. Dear wify..
    read her post again then redo your math ;) hehe.

    As Ever