Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day 40

As in my previous post I mentioned that we took a look at a couple homes, now were crunching numbers to see if it is actually possible to do something as far as buying one of the houses we saw. wify really liked it, and so did I. The land it resides on is just about perfect for us as far as set up and amount of land. I would like 10 acres so that it can be hunted on but 2 acres does the job too just no hunting.

More good news! I had tried on a pair of jeans a while ago and found that I was a size smaller but could not fit into the next size down (so 2 sizes) last night (Saturday night) my wife said that my shirt looked huge on me so of course I said "Nuh uh" but she insisted, so I conceded and agreed after looking at myself in a mirror. so I tried a shirt on 1 size smaller and it fits! well almost. its a little snug but I could 100% wear it out and it would look ok. but thats not the good news! I am down another pants size! those jeans that didn't fit last time, They fit now! so just because I am me, I said "no way" so I pulled out 5 pairs in the smaller size to try them all on and they all fit, perfectly I might add. so its official I am down 2 pants sizes and almost a shirt size, and all in 40 days! I am extremely excited about this new finding and my wardrobe has just become huge as I have a ton of pants in that smaller size, as well as a ton of shirts in the smaller size for when I get there (it should be soon they almost fit perfect now). so to reiterate, I am ecstatic!

The food for Saturday...I did come in under calories but we did order pizza out. I had 3 small pieces of pizza it weighed out to just about 8oz. surprisingly to me, I did not enjoy it. I thought I would enjoy it but I did not lol. on top of the not enjoying it, it didn't fill me up. so lesson learned. I will reserve pizza as a snack or something in the future. I did feel bad after eating it too sort of like I did something bad, which its not. I fully came in under calories. here is the menu for Saturday.


12:00 PM
1 dannon light yogurt 60

2:15 PM
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 can Tuna 175
1 tbsp Miracle whip 35
1 pear 120

6:00 PM
3 small slices pizza 8oz 520
3oz baby carrots 40
1 tbsp lite Cesar dressing 45

9:00 PM
1 Zone perfect protein bar 210

10:30 PM
dannon light yogurt 60

Grand total of 1405 calories for the day, including some pizza so I didn't want to go to 1500 in case my calculations were off. I am very excited about the jeans fitting and look forward to them being loose! my belt is useless as well. I cinch it up to the last hole and its not tight enough to hold my pants up if I walk. so I need a new belt too! each day I find something that makes me feel like this is working, but the pants thing is amazing to me. Thanks for following along.

As Ever


  1. Congrats on the dropping in sizes. How awesome and incredibly motivating. you's got to get a new belt, to keep your pants up. You have had such a great attitude and dedication, there is no wonder why you are having such success. Keep up the good work.
    With regards to the house you looked at, isnt it a really tough market right now? Or is it a buyers market? I get confused. I hope it all works out. It sounds really nice.

  2. This is so strange...
    This weekend, we looked at houses, too. We ALMOST made an offer on one today, but decided at the last minute that we don't want to move just yet. (to the disappointment of the realtor's...) We also had pizza this weekend, but unlike you, I enjoyed the heck out of mine! It filled me up, too, and I only had 2 small squares of thin crust, and one slice of plain hand-tossed. Also, this weekend, I brought out some old clothes, and relaized that I'm able to wear some old jeans that I had outgrown several years ago!!
    So, I think it is pretty stange and cool at the same time, that our weekends had a lot in common!!

    I can't sign in to my blog for some reason. Every time I click on "sign in," it does nothing. I don't know when I'll be able to post anything on my blog!!

    Anyway, congrats on everything. I know how you feel this past weekend!!

  3. I still cannot sign in on my blog. By leaving a comment on here, I can sign in, but then it won't let me get to the "customize" option, so I still can't post anything!