Monday, February 25, 2008

Day 55

The trip to Cabelas went well, as it turns out they have a small aquarium in there with some fish species local to CT as well as some not so local fish, I saw a Snakehead in one of the tanks along with some Bass and Salmon, its very small but very cool at the same time, theres also a diorama with mounted stuffed animals on a huge mountain that is 2 stories high in the center of the store, the aquarium is inside that diorama. they have a good selection of used rifles and a ton of pistols and all at decent prices. its 2 floors and over all a nice place to walk around on a Sunday afternoon.

I came in at 1242 calories for the day, still low. I am finding it harder and harder to get in all of my calories. if I am being honest, I am a little concerned today. I weighed in yesterday (Sunday) and had a slight gain from Friday, 8/10 of a lb, so I figured I would weigh in today as well (Monday morning) and I weigh exactly the same as yesterday. something that I did, I stopped drinking as much water as usual for the last 2 days of last week which led me into Saturday doing the same thing, this was not on purpose, if you follow the blog you know I had a little concern with the green tea because I found mold in some home brewed tea late last week which was seemingly giving me stomach aches, and led to the less water. also I have not exercised since Thursday. I shoveled snow for at least 1.5 hours, I guess that would count as exercise but I did not ride the bike or do many push ups at all since Thursday. Can any of this be why I don't have a recorded loss since Friday? I don't know yet. my other concern is the low calories. I have been low on calories more than not lately. can this be my breaking point as far as my body saying "ok Buddy it was a nice run now we need some more" again, I am unsure. I will likely be experimenting a bit this week with the intake, I may let it go this week and just step the exercise back up, maybe I just need more exercise? again, I am unsure. this is that part I did not want to come. I am working hard as far as eating right goes and I admittedly have slacked on exercise since Thursday was the last day that I actually did what I would call a "workout" stay tuned for more on this subject..onto the menu.


11:45 AM
4oz deli turkey 120
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 tbsp Miracle whip 35
1 small dill pickle 5

2:45 PM
1 small dannon yogurt 45

6:15 PM
5.5oz pork chop 330
3/4 cup cooked white rice 150
1 cup fresh frozen corn 140
1 pat butter 35
1 tbsp ketchup 20

8:15 PM
1oz Vermont cheddar cheese 110
8 wheat Ritz crackers 112

Grand total of 1242 calories for the day, and I start the day very concerned with what I am doing. I won't let it get me down or even change my path at all but it is bothering me a bit because I can't figure out what changed in a day or 2 time. last week I lost 8lbs and suddenly I go 3 days with zero loss, its just odd. anyways thats my day, thanks for reading

As Ever


  1. Just a thought: I remember a couple of days ago you were talking about craving salt, and so maybe you needed more salt? Wouldn't a craving for salt be the body's way of trying to retain water - - maybe the decrease in the water/tea in the past couple of days is the answer. Don't worry - I'll be you'll get up one day this week, and all of the weight that you expected to have lost will be gone! Of course, your attitude about working out harder is GREAT, and can only do good - - just make sure you keep yourself hydrated, so your body won't want to hold onto any and all water you take in and keep it forever, stored in your fingers and toes! :)

  2. Tony,
    I think you are aware and actively working to turn this around. I remember you telling me not to worry, so I am going to give you the same great advise. You are doing really well, and to increase the exercise- you'll see results, for sure. Keep up the good work. Drink that water!!! :--)