Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow and eggs..

A busy weekend has kept me away from the computer thus the lack of posts are showing that, We decided it was time to repaint our kitchen and get it looking good and it basically took all of my time both Saturday and Sunday. I have been off and on with the intake and have been doing one good day and then a bad day, and when I say bad I mean going over on calories by 200-300 maybe every other day. I right now am at 1705 calories for the day so today is one of the "good days" but yesterday? not so much. I have to admit that I am struggling a bit lately with keeping to "good" habits because of things unrelated to this weight loss thang but I am holding within the same 5-7 pounds, first I am up then I am down and the back and fourth game is whats been going on for me.

My lovely wife made me one of if not the best omelets that I have ever had for dinner tonight, it was filled with onions, Jalapenos, mushrooms, crushed garlic, light cheddar cheese and tomatoes, I had a light english muffin, a few slices of turkey bacon and a sliced up dill pickle. Total calories for the meal was 650 which is a bit heavy but not too bad and would have been worth 900 calories the way it tasted! have a look for yourself.

Breakfast for dinner always hits the spot!

Hopefully I can get my juju back this week and get the weight moving in the right direction again, I think part of the issue is the exercise or as I have said before the lack there of. I have not done anything in the way of exercise besides the shoveling of the snow today for more than a week and a half. Yes I said more snow! just when it was starting to look good for the warm weather too! I measured in the middle of my front yard 10.5 inches of the white stuff fell and this doesn't make me a happy camper!

It is what it is and sooner or later the juju will be back in my pocket and the weight will be going back in a downward trend, the weather will be cooperating and I can get this train rollin again.

Thanks for following along and don't forget that H2O.

As Ever


  1. That's what i call a nice dinner :)

  2. Great wife cooking you up a delish feast. I've been in and out of a funk for months. I think it's just my subconscious trying to derail me. I've been trying to dig deep and realize I am worth all this effort. Maybe it's time to do some real soul searching and figure out what keeps knocking you off course. Hang in there you know you'll get there.

  3. That looks *really* yummy... Especially the pickles!

  4. I have been waiting!!
    I can't not wait to see you get on that scale and hear that it is under 350 lbs!!!

    You must get back in full gear and hit this weight loss at full steam ahead!

    Do a little soul searching, look in the mirror and see what/who you have become and what more you can achieve!

    I wanna see those numbers dropping on that scale! This Friday when you are giving us all a big smile on the video weigh in (hint * grin) I wanna hear a good loss!!

    You Can Do It!! You Already Have!
    Keep On Keeping On!!

  5. that omlette does look good i must admit though i'm not a fan of jalepenos.

    exercise is a big thing for me. when i dont do it i feel the difference and so does the scale. good luck