Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making choices...

Making good choices along with being driven to accomplish a specific task is the formula needed to lose weight and it is as simple as that. The other side of that coin has the complete opposite effect where bad choices and unfocused health habits can cause extreme weight gain & the break down of a fit body. I don't know how the conversation came up but last night wify and I were talking about "old times" and how we would eat and my evening trips to Del Taco on the way home from work came up, as I was mentioning to her that I would grab 3 extra cheese burgers and devour them before I got home so that she would not know about them she said "Imagine just how many calories were in that meal" My response was "I don't want to know" but out came our calorie book. I was actually disgusted at the figure she came up with for my average take on a late night run to good ol Del Taco, without getting into the specifics lets just say I was consuming 3300 calories from a single stop on my way home from work almost every night, so 3 times per week on average at 9:30 pm I would stop and grab a big bag of fat ass for myself and willingly stuff it into my piehole.

The idea of eating that way now is so foreign to me that I honestly cannot believe that it was me, but it was. Lets look at me now, I eat an average of 1700 calories daily and can honestly say that I enjoy my food more now than I have in quite some time. I have always been creative with cooking and nine out of ten times that I cook something that someone has not tried before I get asked for the recipe, this has always been the case yet I chose to eat at fast food restaurants and or out of plastic packaged boxes. Last night I tried a little chicken recipe that I read on a forum but I changed it up a bit to fit how I would enjoy it and it was a big hit all the way around with my family. I took boneless skinless chicken breast and pounded it flat, I then mixed a wedge of laughing cow garlic & herb cheese with a bit of spicy mustard and spread it thin over the flattened chicken breast. After the cheese was on the breast I put 1.5oz capicola over the entire thing and I placed thinly sliced green bell peppers at one end of the concoction. Minced garlic and black pepper along with some other spices went on next and then I rolled it up and seam down placed it into a casserole dish, it was baked at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes. I served rice with pueblo pepper sauce and light sour cream on it along with some green beans with the chicken rolls and was very pleased with how the whole meal came out, have a look I snapped a picture before I dug in.

This was a pretty good meal if I do say so myself, click it for a larger view.

My total calories for the day came in at 1705 and it was pretty balanced I think, I drank 1 gallon of green tea, about 12oz of coke zero (1 glass) with dinner and maybe 3/4 gallon water so Iwould say I was properly hydrated and I rode my bike for 22 minutes in the morning and took a 1.5 mile walk @3.1 mph roughly as well as my squat routine, so exercise was good for the day as well. Have a look at the menu from Tuesday.


8:30 AM
2oz capicola 100
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1oz American cheese 110
1 T miracle whip 35

12:15 PM
2.5oz ground chicken 105
1oz light cheddar 80
3 taco shells 150
tomato/lettuce/light sour cream 55

3:00 PM
small apple 80

6:15 PM
7oz baked chicken breast 350
3/4 cup white rice 150
1 cup green beans 40
1 wedge laughing cow 35
1.5oz capicola 75
Bell peppers 10
light sour cream 20

8:15 PM
1 apple 90
1 orange 80

Tuesday was pretty much a perfect day where this weight loss regimen is concerned, I ate well, I exercised enough and I stayed hydrated. That's all I got for today, remember to stay hydrated and exercise is key, Thank you for following along with this fat dude getting thinner and know that you can do it too as long as you are willing to put in some hard work and take an honest assessment of how you are treating your body, 3300 calories worth of bad Mexican fast food is does not a good diet make. Grab that H2O and keep on keepin on, YOU are the one at the wheel, YOU are the one lifting fork to mouth and YOU are the one that has to make the choice to live healthy.

As Ever


  1. I am so sick of saying I am struggling, I get frustrated before I even get started. You truly are an inspiration! Great job!

  2. That chicken sounds fantastic! Congrats on your most excellent choices.

  3. Mmmmm!! The pics of your cooking always look so great!

    You are doing awesome, as usual!! I love how you start looking at things from the inside out.