Monday, March 9, 2009

Update mini post # 5 Uh huh thats right..

Today I came in at 1750 calories so just 50 higher than it should have been but the extra calories were from banana and an apple so I am not too worried about it, I got 25 minutes in on my bike and a gallon of tea as well as a half gallon water went down the hatch, not a bad day at all.

Short post

Just an update

Nothing more to see here move along ma'am..

As Ever


  1. "nothing more to see here ma'am", makes me keep looking for more. Nice job on the fluid intake!

  2. you crack me up. and 50 over? thats pretty damn good!!

  3. I have just about caught up on all the blog posts you have written that I sorta missed! I liked the question and answer one!!!!! And the previous just do it post was also pretty darned great.

    Thanks for continuing to write and encourage me! (and everyone else too) I always know where to go for some "oomph" when I need it.

    glad you decide to do this!