Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back on cruise control..and a reminder.

Running around my living room last night with my daughter playing "tag you're it" which is literally running in a circle chasing each other I realized that life has changed dramatically for me. Not only has life changed for me it has changed for people around me, I would not have been able to play that way with my little girl just over a year ago so its a win win all the way around. I need those reminders to show me how far I have come every now and again because getting comfortable with my weight is something that I did not think would happen but it is. At 534 pounds EVERYTHING was hard to do, but at 534 pounds it was hard to admit that because it would have been admitting weakness and well that's just not how I roll, even back then. Now at 350 pounds I am my old self again and getting a bit comfy in my skin again.

Lets talk about my calories for a moment, Yesterday I decided to knuckle down and get back to business stress be damned and that I did. I ended up at 1700 calories on the nose and even squeezed a treat in there for myself, I had a Capicola sandwich for dinner and man was it good! that has got to be one of my favorite cold cuts and its been a while. I also managed to get enough plant life into the day as well, I had a pear, a banana and an apple along with a whole tomato which shall be the plan again today. I am making my chicken pepper soup today which will serve a dual purpose of a great meal tonight as well as warming up the house as it is currently 13 degrees outside.

For todays exercise I plan on a 15 minute yoga routine and the same 25 minutes on my bike that I did yesterday. I am itching to get outside for some walks so that I can get this C25K thing started but as we live on a very rural road it is still covered in slush because of the lack of traffic, That along with the fact that I have to bring my daughter with me in her stroller and its just not fair to make her come along in 13 degree weather so the walks will have to wait, it is suppose to be back up to the mid 40's by Sunday so hopefully I can get some outside movement in over next weekend.

This is the one on the fridge.

I mentioned reminders, and yesterday I took that picture from August that started this whole ride and I printed it and it now hangs on my fridge. This idea seems silly to me to hang an old picture where I am larger up and is exactly why I am doing it for this week, I need to show myself why I am doing this, I need to show myself that I am stronger than the guy thats been letting himself slip for a while and this silly reminder I believe will do that.

So as you can see I have pulled myself back into this game and its on. You my friend have just earned a big ol glass of H2O for your troubles so get on up and grab it. Thank you for following along and tune in tonight for the mini post outlining my days activities.

As Ever


  1. I have a before pic and it is wallet size and I have several of them laminated. I carry one in my water belt when I run and I have one in my purse and one more in my gym bag and several others just kinda here and there - they remind me how far I've come and they remind me of a place I don't want to go back to.

  2. It's a great feeling to be able to play chase with your kid and know that you're not going to die of a heart attack right in the middle. You've done a fantastic job, and putting up that pic is just another reminder (in addition to playing with your kid!) that you're on the right track. Good for you! Vee at

  3. Keep making it happen Mr. Meatball!

  4. I love hearing about you chasing your daughter around the livingroom. I think the picture on the fridge is a great idea. Someone suggested it to me just the other day so I might do it too. Way to go on fitting in more fruits and veggies.

  5. I love making soup to warm the house up too! You are doing great!