Thursday, March 19, 2009

Run fatty run! oh my!

I had a great day yesterday in terms of this weight loss program, I decided that I was going to get extra movement into my day because of a heavy St Pattys day meal and that I did! I first rode my stationary bike for 23 minutes in the am followed by a walk with my daughter, we walked 1.3 miles in 22 minutes (me pushing her in a stroller) and back home for lunch. I did well with my calories for the day as well, I ended at 1695 total for the day and more than a gallon and a half of fluid including more than a gallon of green tea. My plan was to walk twice and ride the bike twice so while we ate dinner I asked wify if she would like to go on a walk after dinner, she agreed and off we went.

If you read this blog regular like you know that I am planning on starting C25K very soon (as soon as the weather stabilizes a bit) I have to do the C25K program outside so I want to make sure that I have the best chance of an uninterrupted program as possible but I have been getting anxious to start so last nights walk turned into a sneak peek at whats in store for me. If you are not familiar with the C25K program it is a running program designed to get anyone running a 5k in 9 weeks time and every person that I have talked to that has tried it loves it so I figure its a good place to start.

Week one starts with a Brisk five-minute warm up walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes, well I got ambitious and after the 5 minute warm up walk I ran for the first 60 seconds and was pleasantly surprised that even with my 350 pound boyish figure I managed that trot with no ill effect. I was thinking about how easy that first 60 seconds was and decided to do a few more and ended up running for four 60 second intervals with the 90 second walks between them and by the end of my "test run" I had completed 15 of the 20 minute program and was not really feeling too bad, besides the small cramp in my ribs because I had eaten just 20 minutes before we set out on the walk. I was starting to get winded near the end and since I was cramping in my rib and had made it back to the same spot where wify was walking I decided to stop it there since it was really not something that I had planned to do, but as I said I was pleasantly surprised at how the "trial run" went which means that I am more anxious to start the program than ever.

Then it was time to get home to ride the bike a second time, as I walked up the driveway I stopped at the rear of our car and said "pop the trunk" so that I could slip the stroller back into the car and wify looked at me with a half of a grin and said "I didn't bring keys" so I said "yeah right pop the trunk" a short argument discussion followed and now I have to break into my own house! neither of us had brought keys with us on the walk, we both thought the other had them (I will not get into that too much) so we spend the next 30 minutes attempting a B&E on my own place. After successfully breaking in (with the help of wifys step dad who lives on the lake and a few screw drivers ) I fixed the "security flaws" that allowed me to get in, which just means I had better not forget keys again or else I will be kicking in a door! but it was too late for the bike ride as the kiddos needed to get to bed and my bike is next to my sons room, no worries there is always today!

The highlight of my day was the C25K preview and the low point, well the B&E of course but over all it was a positive day and I look forward to tomorrow to see how my hard work is paying off on the scale. Until then stay hydrated and grab yourself a big glass of H2O and I will be back tomorrow in the am to report what the scale says to me.

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  1. Wow, that is terrific!!!! About the running, not the B&E -lol!

    It took me a long time to finally get the hang of running. I tried the C25K program, but since I'm anal, that 60 sec. on and 90 thing was making me crazy! I kept looking at my watch and it seemed like each second was FOREVER! So, I just kept trying little bits at my own pace like you did. The major thing that helped me finally break my barrier of running outside was to keep my pace SLOW. Really Slow at first. It feels ridiculous because you could probably walk faster than this turtle running pace, but it really helped me build up my stamina. Good luck and looking forward to hearing more about your progress:)

  2. We go on an after-dinner-walk from time to time. I ALWAYS ask Hubby if he has his keys. He usually does, but 2-3 times he didn't. I've been locked out before. With a newborn. Not fun. Vee at

  3. Way to go on the preview to the C25K. Sorry you got locked out, been there, done that lol. Hope you have another good day.

  4. Ruuuuun Tony! You can do it! Didn't you see those Biggest Losers run their half marathons this week? One of those girls weighs more than you do. Listen, you haven't let your weight hold you back in other areas so don't start now. Just a suggestion but you probably should hide a key under one of those fake rocks or something LOL!