Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hit the stage and knock the curtains down..

Last Friday I weighed 357.4 pounds, and Sunday I weighed 360 pounds then Monday I decided enough was enough with this fooling around where my weight loss is concerned stress or no stress it was time to get back to business. This morning I woke up and felt tired because of a rough night sleeping but now that I have my bearings I feel good, in fact its a noticeable difference in how I was feeling last week and the only things that have changed are the fact that I am eating within my calorie range and I am exercising daily again, a little hair of the dog perhaps. Though I do not think that I will get below my lowest weight of 352 by tomorrow morning I do think it will be significantly lower than the shameful 360 that it was on Sunday.

Last night I asked my wife to take some photos for my compare picture pile and I noticed something that I think is pretty cool, even though I have juggled the same 6 pounds for the last month I am smaller than in my last compare picture from 45 days ago, This can only mean that the skin is shrinking around the new me, and for that I am happy. Now let me tell you about a tee shirt that was given to me by an employer when I was 20 years old, it was almost brand new when I stopped working there and because I am the way that I am I kept it. This shirt has been used by wify for a couple years as a "cozy" shirt to sleep in but I decided when I started this weight loss thang that it would be my "ultimate goal shirt" so last night I thought I would try it on and what do ya know it just about fits! I am not saying I would wear it out or anything but I cannot believe that it is 90% wearable! it is short and it is slightly too tight but I can remember a time just 14 months ago when that same shirt would just fit over my chest and arms and there was no way that it was going any further down my body and now it almost fits, talk about a great feeling! I guess I was off with my "ultimate" size being that shirt, I guess it was a time when I was 100% comfy with myself and my size and at 534 pounds it was a FAR way off so felt like a good end game spot to be, of course I still have a ways to go and where I stop nobody knows.

It would appear that I am back! I look forward to my exercise again and I actually had to eat something extra with dinner to get in all of my calories yesterday. The little man in the plastic magic box said that this weekend will be beautiful so I am going to plan on getting a walk or 3 into that time along with the bike rides, I have a funny feeling that if I am riding the bike and walking that the weight will start to retreat again post haste and well that can only be a good thing.

The plan for today you ask? same as yesterday, eat right, exercise and drink until my eyes float, simple right? well it really is and staying focused is the key. Sometimes there are uncontrollable circumstances that can dictate the direction that any given plan heads but at the end of the day as long as control is kept at least partially, we will get where we are going. with that I will end another episode of my 3 guts, don't forget that H2O and look for the mini update later tonight.

Now Get out the way! I'm coming through..

As Ever


  1. I think you need a smiling picture over there somewhere *smile*. I'm sure you feel good inside so you should show it on the outside too. You know I always have lots of two cents lol. Way to go on almost fitting in the old shirt, I bet that just feels great. Way to go too on remotivating yourself. Good luck tomorrow with weigh-in.

  2. I admire your strength and stick-to-it-ive-ness. I enjoy reading your blog and knowing your numbers have come down so much, and that it can happen to me too. Thanks. Vee at