Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Freight train? perhaps just a plan..

This morning I wake up feeling like I did a few months ago when unstoppable was the only thing that was floating around the air, I have to put the stress aside (at least attempt to) because I have come too far to let myself start to slip back in the wrong direction of weight again. I decided that I will put a plan for this week down in print so that I can go back and look at it and see how I am doing throughout the week and it is more a necessity than a decision but you get my point.

The plan is as follows, I will NOT eat more than 1700 calories per day for the entire week, I WILL ride my bike for at least 20 minutes per day shooting for 30 per day, I will also do yoga every other day for the entire week. on top of that I will make sure that I get at least a gallon of fluid and at least 3 quarts of that shall be green tea, I will also take my multivitamins daily. At the end of each day I will post up the results from the day in mini posts because I started this blog to stay accountable so I will use it for the reason that I created it.

This morning I wake up at 359 pounds which is up 7 pounds from my lowest number of 352, I did stick to 1700 calories yesterday, 1705 respectively and that's a good start. sometimes its hard to stay on track when life gets in the way and I know that some will say that life happens get over it but I am honestly impressed that I have not fallen off of the wagon completely with the hand we have been dealt this time around so for that I am happy.

The bottom line is that I have to do this, and I have to do this for me so that said,I will. A shorter than usual and to the point post for this AM, I have to get focused again and because of this lull I will have to lose an average of 3.4 pounds per week until the end of June if I am to reach that goal of being under 300 by that time, I am not very optimistic about hitting that goal but hey it could happen and if it doesn't it won't make too much a difference in the grand scheme. I am off to get an AM ride in so here it ends.

Thanks for following along and don't forget that glass of H2O!

As Ever


  1. Keep strong man, we're going to get through these rocky times!

  2. Good job posting to stay accountable! I had to do the same thing last week, and it definately helps when you know you have to pose your info/stats to the blogsphere and your readers!

  3. perhaps that's the problem. you've stopped believing that you're going to hit that goal of less than 300!

  4. Hey man saw you on 3fc, you look amazing! I'm sure you have heard that a million times but I had to say it lol. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  5. Tony, I hope whatever stress is going on in your life you are talking about it with someone. I know for me I put it all down on my blog because really it's the emotional stuff that we have to work out if we plan on losing this weight and keeping it off. It's not just about putting in the exercise time, drinking our water and eating right. We have to work on the root of it all too. I know it's tougher for a guy to talk about stuff but I really think it helps. I know you will do what you say, you have already accomplished SOOOO MUCH. Keep patting yourself in the back you deserve it. Hang in there. Thanks for reminding me to take my vitamin.

  6. He's back! There's that "I WILL DO IT" attitude that inspired me to start my own journey. I have done some stumbling myself in the last few weeks. I have found that I am the king of excuses, I can use just about anything to justify my falling off the wagon. I am back on track and I believe that you are too. Just remember that life is guaranteed to give us problems and stress. Life's successes or failures are measured in how we respond to the stress, hang in there!