Friday, March 20, 2009

Weigh in! 13 more pounds until 200 pounds lost!

Hard work is paying off on the scale, who wouldda thunk? I again this week have stayed within plan almost 100%, I say almost because of the St. Pattys dinner but even that was only slightly off the beaten path, but its paid off again with another good weigh in. I woke up feeling good about this week because of all of the exercise that I have done and I stepped on the scale to see a 347.4 lb flash across at me, which was followed by another and that makes for a four pound loss this week. It is actually a 3.8 pound loss but hey! we will call it four because ships have not sailed since Wednesday night. My total weight loss to date is 187 pounds which means I am a mere 13 pounds away from dropping 200 total pounds and that is mind blowing to me. I can remember a conversation that I had with a friend of mine about 2 years ago when I moved back to CT where he said that his father had a weight loss surgery and lost 100 pounds and that number was absolutely amazing to me and still is! but I thought about how hard and how long a number like that would take to reach and it was daunting, here I am 13 pounds away from losing double that, Man am I glad I woke up and started losing the weight. Here is a photo of my scale this morning and some things that weigh as much as me as well as much as I have lost.

My feets and a 347 pound weigh in, I know I know thems is some beautiful dogs...for a Flintstone!

This 1986 Suzuki RG400 weighs in at 347 pounds like yours truly.

Jana Linke Sippi weighs 187 pounds which is how much I have lost so far, imagine carrying her around on your back all day!

If you couldn't tell I am very happy with my 4 pound loss this week, I have earned it! I plan on sticking to this program of riding plus walking every day as it seems to be doing the trick, I have had a good couple of weeks where losing pounds goes and well, I like it! My calories yesterday came in at 1700 and I drank more than 2 gallons of fluid, with one gallon being green tea and the rest water. Weather stopped me from getting a walk in but I did ride my bike so I am happy with that and today looks nicer out if not a bit colder so I may try and squeeze a walk into my afternoon.

Just like the way that I felt back a couple years ago listening to my friend tell me about his fathers weight loss I know that someone is reading this and thinking about how long or how hard it will be to do the same thing BUT it won't happen until a decision to do something about it is made. Even the longest journey starts with a single step and that's all that can be asked of anyone, but if that first step is not taken, chained to a disability we remain. Just do it, grab that tea or water and drink it down, hop on that bike and go for a ride or open your front door and take a walk, it really is that simple as far as exercise and the food is easy once the addiction part goes away.

Thats all I got for now, grab yourself a glass or 4 of H2O and make sure to get some movement in today. Thank you for the support that you leave me in my comments, it helps more than you know.

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  1. You have come soooo far :) Congratulations!! And thanks to you i drink green tea daily!!

  2. I am so happy for you! Your victory makes me want to stick to my own plan so I can see similar success. Congrats!

  3. just drunk my glass of h2o now here's my wooohoooo for you :) So inspiring following your journey, thank you :)

  4. Way to go on the great lose this week. Way to go on all the exercise too. You're doing amazing.

  5. You are doing an awesome job! I am one of those people where it just seems impossible.