Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look! its a bird, its a plane! its a baby carrot??

Today is off to a good start, and I plan on making it a good finish as well. I have my food planned out for the entire day and am going to ride my bike when I get through with this post as I feel that I am on a roll again. Just settling back into the new way that I am doing things again is making me feel like I did back 6 months ago when I was just plowing through this weight and I have a feeling the next couple of months will be interesting.

I have to mention the lunch that I just made for myself because it was too good to not mention it. I made a sandwich with 2.5 oz of capicola, a couple slices of turkey bacon, some American cheese, lettuce tomato and black pepper with a dill pickle on the side, This sammie tasted so good, I'm tellin ya I will be making this again. I thought about how once upon a time that sandwich might have been two and with 5oz of capicola on each sandwich and a couple of table spoons of mayonnaise with a side of, oh I don't know maybe a half a bag of Doritos or something and how the flavor would have been drown in mayo and salt. Now the flavor of the tomato and cheese mixed with the hotness of the capicola and then the garlic in the dill pickle is what made it taste so good, when our pallets are not over run with strong offensive flavors the good stuff shines and all for the price of some good solid calories, nothing empty here.

The amazing thing about good habits is that they are just as easy to keep around as the bad ones once you get use to them being there, Don't believe me? try it out for yourself and I am sure that you will find yourself reaching into the fridge looking for a fruit or veggie instead of that piece of cake that you would normally have. When you get to the point that you say things like "Hey those baby carrots are really sweet!" and said baby carrots actually take care of the sweet tooth effect you know that you are getting somewhere. Perhaps its green peppers that you feel are sweet or you find yourself grabbing a head of cauliflower to munch on while you ride around around on a Saturday taking care of errands instead of a bag of chips, and these habits get into our childrens heads as well. My kids LOVE their veggies and I grin every time we walk through the supermarket and they ask for apples, broccoli, cauliflower, and get this one, Brussel sprouts! hopefully this behavior that they are seeing out of me and wify will mean that they will not have to deal with bad habits of their own where eating and nutrition are concerned as they grow up.

In the last 14 months I have learned a lot about myself and about eating correctly, living healthy and exercising regularly to maintain, well in my case get to a lifestyle that will support a long happy life. Anyone that is out there contemplating whether or not to start and or maintain a weight loss program and is having a rough time getting started, from one fat guy (or gal) to another, You owe it to yourself to put as much energy that is needed into a weight loss program right now! not in a week, or on the first, or on your next birthday, do it now! when you eat baby carrots and taste the sweetness and it is actually sweet to you and not just bleh you can come thank me for the push but until then start, start walking, start eating less or even just adjusting to better foods! whatever it is just do it now, not because I say so but because I wish someone had put it as plainly as I just have to me years ago.

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  1. really good point baout the habits...the HARD PART is getting em to feel at all like habits huh?

    Im struggling with a few of those. Not in weightloss right now but its a struggle none the less to get the 'right habits' to stick around!

    (yes, Im a financial DISASTER :)organizational nightmare...)

  2. Excellent post. Recently, I have had to look hard at some things in my life (eating and otherwise) and make decisions about what I want to keep and what needs to change. Making a new habit is more than half the battle and I always feel such a since of relief when it finally kicks in. You are a great inspirational example of continuing to work on it until it clicks!