Monday, March 16, 2009

Lazy is a state of mind not the size of a body.

Being lazy is not an attribute that belongs only to fat people, in my opinion its not something that is part of being overweight by default like many people think either. In my high school year book like in many high school year books there is a section for the most flirtatious, most helpful and most likely to succeed and the likes and in my year book some thoughtful person thought that putting most lazy person was a good idea and yep you guessed it, I got high honor. As one of if not the biggest or should I say "fattest" guys in my graduating class of course I must be lazy right? and the girl that was awarded this grandest of titles? yep you guessed it, the fat girl of the class so apparently whoever the person was in charge of knighting our class with these titles thought "Hmmmm fat dude, yep must be Tony! and now who's that fattest girl in the class? there we go most lazy" Surely the kid that was working on cars all day as well in all of his spare time and then going home to lift weights for more than an hour per day 5-6 days per week not to mention the camping trips with the boy scouts two weekends per month and hiking all over the woods on these weekend trips must be lazy right? I will admit to not being the star athlete which my boyish figure stated loudly and clearly but most lazy? It was obvious to me that someone that did not know me well thought that one up based purely on my rotundness.

Today as I write this I weigh 351 pounds, I wonder how many people look at me walking down the street or through a department store and think "if only that guy wasn't so damn lazy he might not be so big" or probably closer to "fat lazy F...." I think it is a big misconception that all fat people are lazy, I think lazy comes in all flavors of the rainbow and my son come homework time or when its time to clean his room is proof of that! The lack of movement from many larger folks does not come from being lazy, it comes from the pain that dwells inside every stair that leads up, or to every step forward on a walk and then when an incline appears on the horizon the feeling that goes through that persons body so it is easier to just either make up an excuse or just plain old stop and that is not laziness, its pain, its humiliation, and its the inability to continue without risking injury or a day in bed recovering. Dramatic you say? well I can speak from experience when I say these things and it is close enough in my life that I can remember clearly the way it felt.

Ask my wife if I am lazy and you might get a mixed answer as the clean dishes sit in the strainer all day without getting put away, or I put off vacuuming the rug in the living room just long enough to get her eyes rolling but at the same time I am riding my bike 25 minutes per day and walking almost every night all after chasing a three year old around ALL day, and I don't think a lazy person would work out in the yard for 4 hours raking 2 years worth of leaves off of the ground (yes the previous owner of this house was a slob) and tearing up old shrubs etc and then hauling them all 75 yards up hill to dump them out in the compost heap out in the woods. My point is that just because someone is over weight does not mean that they are lazy, it could mean that the person could be eating incorrectly and or way too much, but lazy is not always the case, blanket statements are most times foolish.

I mentioned 4 hours of yard work and thats how I spent my Sunday, yep New England is finally warming up and I plan on taking full advantage of all of the space that we have around the house and getting some exercise all while making the place look better. I did go over on my calories yesterday but not by too much, I had about 700 calories left for dinner and we had BBQ Chicken breast on the grill with green beans and rice on the side, I had 1 cup of green beans and 3/4 cups of rice and one whole bone in chicken breast which I did not weigh followed by a weight watchers ice cream sandwich a bit later, I think that brought me over but not by much so I am not too worried about it. I did not ride my bike yesterday because of all of the yard work, I figured 4 hours of walking up and down the steep hill in my yard was enough to call that my exercise for the day and I do know that I did not get in as much fluid as I normally do but it was at least a gallon of water and maybe 20oz or so of green tea along with a diet mountain dew while in the yard, so all in all not too shabby of a day barring that mountain dew.

There it is, a long post for your reading pleasure, I am off to go on a walk so I will end it there, don't forget that H2O that you just earned and don't forget to tune in tomorrow kids, same bat time same bat channel to see what Fat man and Blobbin get themselves into next!

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  1. Kuddos. Exactly what I needed to read this morning. Thank you.

  2. I like your new picture on the blog, you look great :)

    I agree- I am overweight but sure as heck am not lazy! I'd wager that if a thinner person had my day they'd collapse from exhaustion lol. ;)

  3. Great post!

    I will admit that I can be very, very lazy. But these days I haven't been nearly as lazy as I used to be.

  4. Eagle Scout '99 here, and I def remember being called lazy in high school due to my weight!