Tuesday, March 24, 2009

43 minutes, 1710 calories and some C25K.

I had a great day Monday where calories and exercise goes, I did go slightly over on calories having 1710 total but being over by 10 is no worries at all. I rode my bike for 22 minutes in the morning followed by a short routine of punching while holding weights and squats alternating between the two, this is something that I read is suppose to help with endurance and I will hold opinions until I do it for a week or three. Later in the day I rode for another 21 minutes on my bike so 43 minutes total for the day, I have to be happy with that until its warmer and more importantly less windy outside as it has been very windy here lately and with the mid 30's temps makes for unpleasant walking conditions, now that you have an idea of what I did for movement have a look at my menu from Monday.


7:30 AM
2 cups honey combs 220
1 cup 1% milk 110

10:30 AM
23oz watermelon 220

12:15 PM
1 lavish bread 100
3oz cucumber 15
3oz tomato 15
1/4 T miracle whip 15
1/2 T Newmans own light honey mustard dressing 20

3:30 PM
1 can Progresso gumbo 210
1/2 oz American cheese 50

6:15 PM
4oz ground chicken 170
4 small taco shells 200
1.5oz light cheddar cheese 120
lettuce/tomato/onion/light sour cream 75

8:15 PM
sliced apples 170

1710 Total calories and like I said I call that right where it should be, and the exercise is on par as well. I actually enjoy the exercise lately, its almost like I need it, if I don't get as much into the day or miss a day completely I feel guilty. I for the most part have replaced my urge to eat handfuls of chips or a piece of cake with riding my bike or going for a walk, that's not to say that I don't enjoy those other things now and again but when boredom strikes, or when I start thinking about what I want to do the first thing that comes to mind right now is to take a ride or a walk, not scope out the fridge! That is what they call progress folks.

I am hoping to start the C25K program on April 1st or there about, I figure if I start it on April 1st and can't complete it I can just say that it was an April fools joke and tuck my tail between my legs and call it a day, but then if you read regularly you know that's just not how I get down. I bought a micro SD card for my cell phone which has an mp3 built into it and loaded all of the C25K podcasts onto it so that I don't have to load them into Wifys Ipod. The only issue that I have with the podcasts is that I don't find any of the music on any of them very motivating but hey its the timing ques that I need, I wouldn't run with music normally anyways so I guess I can put up with the drab techno repetitiveness for a couple of weeks if the end result is me running 5k non stop. I may before I am through just make my own podcast with better music but we will have to see how this goes before I invest time into making a better play list, if anyone reading has a lead on some podcasts that have even slightly better music I am all ears and would greatly appreciate links or search terms for said podcasts.

Over all the week has started off well so the plan is to keep the momentum throughout the rest of it and keep the exercise at a level that is going to keep me wanting to get a little further each day. I also think that adding extra bike riding the 2 weeks before I start C25K will help me build up my endurance a bit as well because running IS NOT like riding a stationary bike! Now that I have a start date for C25K penciled in (yes its not in ink just yet) it gives me a bit of time to mentally prepare for the start of something new, I just hope that my body is able to handle the running without injury or pain because at roughly 350 pounds a runners body I have not, and with that I end my ramblings for today. Now that you have made it through the entire post hop on up and grab yourself a glass of H2O and know that I am doing the same.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hey thanks for explaining what the C25k is! I saw 25k on other blogs and would run in fright lol. I'm going to start it also. I've always wanted to be able to run but never could and got burned out easily when I tried. This time I think I can do it! Thanks again!