Monday, March 30, 2009

Did I mention that I am sore?

Busy busy busy! that pretty much sums up my weekend, we decided that it was time to paint "the blue room" AKA "the rec room" AKA "the big ass mess" so that we did. We moved everything out of the room and into my sons room so that we could move around in there, we painted and repaired almost all day Saturday to the point where we did not finish. Saturday night we decided that we would have a bonfire in our yard and burn up some of the brush that we have been cutting down in our yard so we spent about an hour dragging logs, branches and brush up the back part of the yard where the fire pit is and a bonfire we had! roasted marshmallows and all. The intake for Saturday was very much less than stellar but I am cool with it, I don't know if it was all of the work from the day or if its just the fat that we were having a bonfire but I ate terribly. Breakfast and lunch went well enough but then dinner was bacon pizza which I had 4 slices of and a bottle of water, hey at least I turned down the soda and chose water right? I had about 4 marshmallows and 2 bottles of Guinness while sitting at the fire so Saturday was a bad day for intake.

Just a look at the green accent wall in the freshly painted rec room, you can still see parts of the floor were still drying when I snapped the pic.

The whole room is that gray color and then the one wall is green, the red arrow points at the baseboard heater cover that is still blue, everything but the floor was blue in this room! walls, trim, doors and baseboard heaters! I will paint the heaters at a later time.

Sunday went much better, I stayed well within my calorie range coming in at 1470 calories with a lot of veggies in there I figured I would take a page out of the calorie cycler's book and have a low day to compensate for the pizza and beer. I also drank a gallon and a half of water and tea Sunday and got lots of movement into the day with finishing up the rec room. Though I did not ride my bike all weekend lots of work was squeezed into both days, Sunday besides finishing up the paint & repair work in the rec room we repainted the floor in there, rebuilt the shelves in the closet in that room, moved all of the furniture back into there, moved many of the boxes that were being stored in that room to the basement or unpacked them, brought about 30 cans of paint and primers down to the basement, rearranged the room about 5 different ways along with rearranging our living room as well and that is just about half of what we did so movement did happen! Today I woke up sore in places that I forgot existed and my back hurts (at the injury point) so I am taking it easy for a couple days where exercise is concerned.

Today I will eat no more than 1500 calories, again to make up for the bad day Saturday and the fact that I am taking today off from exercise I will call it cycling again. I will consume 1.5 gallons of fluid at the least and probably more than that by the end of the day. I will not do anything in the way of exercise today as I mentioned because of my back, hopefully it will pass quickly because I have a feeling it was just a busy weekend and it needs a day to rest up then back to the bike I go.

The end has come to a Monday post and you know what that means, grab that big ol glass of H2O and check back in tomorrow for the next episode of as the fat guy turns! Thanks for reading along while I get healthy.

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  1. Um, I have some painting that needs to be done, would you like to do it? I'm sure it burns calories LOL! Good job on the adjustments with your calories. I am married to a "naturally" thin man and honestly, he calorie cycles. Not consciously of course, it's just that I've noticed if he overeats one day - say a big holiday meal - I've noticed that he just naturally cuts back the next. His weight stays pretty much within around a 5 lb. range. (Although he does lose very easy if he doesn't eat enough. Sigh.)

  2. The paint looks great! You have *almost* inspired me to repaint my bathroom - - something I've been talking about doing for quite a while now! I really like the grey/green thing! :) That blue baseboard heater cracked me up!