Saturday, March 14, 2009

Big n' Fat...

Friday night I came to a realization while walking my sister in laws dog, there is no way I can run in jeans! this is no real secret, I don't think there are people running very far in their jeans on a regular basis but its not really something that I had put a lot of thought into and as you know if you are a regular reader I am planning on running a 5k race this year so I think its time to start thinking about buying something that I will be able to run in. Now how I came to the realization, My wife and I were out on a walk about and she says "Lets go run for 90 seconds" so I start running up the road and about 30 seconds into the running my jeans started falling, so now I am with leash in hand and a 140 pound dog dragging me attempting to pull my slipping ever more downward jeans up and I thought "wow I am going to have to go shopping" so I stopped running and walked the rest of my walk at the regular pace anticipating the trip to Casual male to buy some $35.00 per pair running shorts in the near future.

Lets talk about the little things that people take for granted for just a second, Buying clothing at a store that is not specifically for people of a large stature isn't something that I know a lot about. Usually buying clothing for myself means a trip to good ol Casual male and being limited to the selection in the store or risk that it doesn't fit correctly and order out of their catalog, no all clothing is not created equal! with big sizes you can get 2 shirts, same manufacturer, same size and have them fit completely differently and to this day I don't understand that phenomenon. So this morning wify and I decide its a run around and get some things done kind of day so off we went and I said to her that I needed to stop at "Big n' Fat" which is what we call the big man clothing store, so with a nod off we went driving around running errands. We get to Marshalls and she says she needs a few things and wants to look around, she then says "I bet you can find some stuff that fits in here" to which I of course say "No way" but I am thinking "are you out of your mind woman?!" so she says "lets make a bet, and if I win I can spend $50.00 on anything that I want to and you can't complain at all" to which I say meh and we head into the store.

Upon reaching the back of the store I see that they have some bigger sizes but usually, and all of you big guys out there will know this, the clothing is cut smaller in these types of stores, meaning that a 5xl is actually around a 3xl that is bought in Casual male. I start looking around and see some basketball style shorts, "Adidas performance moisture wicking" and low and behold they are my size! my new size anyways which I am not yet accustomed to, so I snatch them up to look at the price and bamn! $10.00! Ten bucks for a pair of shorts? what Bizarro world have I stepped into here exactly? and then my wife says "how about these?" and holds up a pair of Nike "Dri fit running shorts" IN MY SIZE! again I think "whats going on here?" and snatch them up $12.00 says the price tag so into the cart they go and off to my right is a clearance rack where I see yet another pair of running shorts which are my size and the price tag says $3.00, three bucks? are you kidding? so after a quick once over to see why they are only three clams and finding no defects they get added to my pile and I am in awe. $25.00 and I have not one but Three! pairs of shorts to run/exercise in and not from "Big n' Fat" but a normal people store.

Imagine that, a whole post because I found some clothing that fits, and fits well for a fair price and in a regular size people store to boot. These are just some of the things that being a fat dude brings, this is how do they say? a Non scale victory! I can't believe that $25.00 got me 3 pairs of workout shorts and now I have a few extra dollars in my pocket for something else because I did not have to shop at the only game in town AKA "Big n' Fat" and pay the inflated prices because of it. The beginning of normalcy has come, every day that I stick to my plan is one day closer to my goal of weighing 265 pounds, is one day stronger than I was yesterday and is one day further into a lifestyle of living healthy without having to struggle to do so.

A simple day of shopping to some is something foreign to others, I guess I will have to get use to it.

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  1. Wow! That rocks. Good for you. You are looking really good, Meatball. ;)

  2. Yep i can understand how great it must have felt to be able to go into a store and just start picking out clothes :) Congratulations on your journey to health so far!!

  3. Clothes from a regular store at regular store prices! That's the best!

    Technically, though, didn't they cost $75? $25 for the shorts, $50 for your wife? ;)

  4. Believe me, Big 'n Fat or not, I try to find all my workout stuff at Marshall's or TJ Maxx. Usually costs 1/4 of what I'd pay at, say, Dick's Sporting Goods, or a local specialty running store. Congrat on the great bargains and the shopping non-scale victory. Maybe now you can go back there and find some spring/summer things that won't cost you too much but at least will fit!

  5. I look forward to those days. I just spent $90 on a bathing suit. Someday, I can buy one without trying it on, and for half as much money.

  6. it's been said but Im gonna echo:


    carry that with you throughout the week.

  7. I can hear your excitement in your words *smile*. Way to go!!!

  8. I found this blog looking for something else the other day. I read a couple of the posts and now I'm going through them all from back to front. I can so identify with the shoes/clothes shopping thing. Nobody really understands, do they? I've described the same shoe process before to so many people - Find a style, go to the store, get the salesman to bring out the biggest size, try to figure out how much bigger you need, order, try them on, send them back, rinse, repeat.

  9. I found your blog looking for something else the other day. Started reading and now, I'm doing the whole thing from back to front. I can so identify with the clothes/shoes thing. Nobody else really understands. I was just describing the shoe process to somebody the other day: to the store, find a style, ask for the largest size, figure out how much bigger you'll need, order, try them on, send them back, reorder, etc. And it's Christmas morning every time I do find something that fits.